Featured Fan of the Month: December


Jacqueline Lind
What is your biggest craving during your pregnancy?
-In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was craving McDonald’s french fries. Yikes! Nowadays, I love myself some chocolate :).
What has your favorite trend been/ what have you worn the most?
-Anything comfortable :) Mostly leggings, long tops/sweaters and flats (either boots or ballet).
What is your favorite item from PinkBlush Maternity?
-Other than my yoga pants, I love how comfortable my black and white long sleeve maternity top is. I could wear it everyday and want it in every available color!
What has been the biggest surprise about being pregnant?
-One of the biggest surprises to me has been food aversions and how completely indecisive I am when it comes to food. I thought I would be craving anything and everything and, in reality, I have to really think about what I might want.
What names do you have in mind?
-My husband and I agreed on two names, 1 boy and 1 girl, before we knew what we were having. Once we found out it’s a baby girl in my tummy, Addison just worked :).
What are you most looking forward to after giving birth?
-A huge plate of sushi from my favorite sushi restaurant after, of course, meeting my beautiful baby girl.
What is one unique item packed in your hospital bag?
-Honestly, I don’t have a bag packed yet, but I do have a list and I don’t feel like there is any one unique item on it. I have been given tips on certain items to have though, including my own pillow or anything that would make me more comfy and nail clippers just in case Addison’s nails are long and need some clipping.

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