Featured Fan of the Month: January


Victoria Rodriguez

What is your biggest craving during your pregnancy?

-I really didn’t crave anything specifically but sweets in general are my weakness.

What has your favorite trend been/ what have you worn the most?

-I loved wearing dresses in the beginning of my pregnancy. They were so easy and comfortable. As my pregnancy progressed I found myself wearing jeans with flowy tops.

What is your favorite item from PinkBlush Maternity?

-My favorite item from PinkBlush Maternity has to be a green & blue top that has a tribal design. It’s so comfortable, yet very fashionable. I also love my black maxi chevron dress!

What has been the biggest surprise about being pregnant?

-I have to say the biggest surprise about my pregnancy was first feeling the baby move and kick. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt.

Is it a Boy, Girl, or Surprise?

-It’s a boy!

What names do you have in mind?
-His name is Sebastian Luis.
What are you most looking forward to after giving birth?

-I’m looking forward to spending time with my little guy and embracing motherhood.

What is one unique item packed in your hospital bag?

-My hospital bag consists of the usual things but I think a unique thing I’ve decided to pack is a rosary that my best friend brought back from Brazil for baby Sebastian.

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