Featured Fan of the Month: March

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Nicole Charpentier

What is your biggest craving during your pregnancy?
I have not had any super big cravings…however I can always go for a slice of cheese or popcorn!
What has your favorite trend been/ what have you worn the most?
We have had a record breaking winter here in Pennsylvania! My go-to outfits have been tunics or sweater dresses with black leggings and riding boots!
What is your favorite item from PinkBlush Maternity?
It is hard to choose just one! But, I love the Mint Green Floral Chiffon Maternity Dress and the White Lace Overlay Maternity Blouse. I wore both for our maternity photo shoot recently and loved how comfortable I felt!
What has been the biggest surprise about being pregnant?
My biggest surprise of my first pregnancy has been feeling the baby kick! I am going to miss all of the movement once the baby arrives in May!
Is it a Boy, Girl, or Surprise?
Baby Boy!
What names do you have in mind?
We will be naming him Joseph John Charpentier.
What are you most looking forward to after giving birth?
Meeting our little one and being a mom! I am also looking forward to getting back out on the golf course! My husband and I love to golf! We are also looking forward to many beach trips to our family’s house in Ocean City, NJ! We can’t wait to show the baby one of our favorite places!
What is one unique item packed in your hospital bag?
My UGG slippers! I definitely want to be as comfortable as possible while I am in labor!

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