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PinkBlush Maternity Block Party

NOTE: not an actual block party. (But how fun would that be!)

No, just our favorite maxis! We love them to death. Solid, printed, chiffon, lace, you name it. You can’t really go wrong with a maxi this season. Everyone knows that maxis, skirts or dresses, is a classic summer staple. We love the free flowing style and flattering length to give us a laid back feel with a put-together look.Read More

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Keeping Cool While Things Heats Up

At 29 weeks, Chrissy Powers is feeling what every expecting mother feels. Her baby is becoming more and more active each day and the little one starts to kick. Chrissy is excited to see how strong her baby boy is and celebrates the health of her baby thus far during the course of the pregnancy. You can read more of her exciting journey on her blog, Chrissy + Powers. Read More

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4th of July Weekend

Happy Independence Day to all our stylish expecting moms out there!

Here are a few of our favorite Fourth of July looks, perfect for every BBQ, beach day, and  firework watching event this weekend!Read More

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Loving on Linen

We’ve changed our minds about fashion so many times. We’re women, that’s kind of our thing. This time, though, we haven’t changed our minds on how much we are obsessed with linen. The days are getting hotter, longer, and that much more unbearable. With a heavy baby sitting on our bladders, the last thing we want is a tight pair of jeans too. I mean, maternity jeans are already a life saver with the elastic band, but when it’s too hot for that, a nice break is always nice. That’s where these linen maternity dresses come in. A new style every day and a surprising amount of detail, we’ve found these to be our go-to summer essential this year.Read More