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Comfortably Cool

During the summertime, as the weather heats up, the wardrobe should cool down. Simple pieces that will keep you comfortable all day while still looking stylish are not as hard to find as you think. Now, you don’t sacrifice or settle when it comes to your comfort this season but just opt for lightweight, pretty pieces that you can wear every day. What’s even better are cute that these maternity clothes can be worn even after the baby is born! We love versatile pieces like this that more than just a three month wear. It not only saves our wallet, but our time too!

This solid maternity top features a subtle printed sleeve, adding just the right amount of textured flair to pull your simple look together. Lindsay from Lindsay Dee looks effortlessly cool in her maternity top and maternity leggings for a nice, relaxing day in.

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Maternity tank tops are just the thing for hot hot days this season and with incredibly soft material, you won’t want to take these off. Going to the beach or park? A seriously comfortable outfit when this summer must-have is paired with maternity shorts. That elastic band is definitely our best friend during the home stretch.


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