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Backyard Barbeque

With the arrival of summer, we know it’s time to dust off the BBQ. Almost every weekend is filled with family, good friends, and good food. While you celebrate the warm season, know that comfortable, stylish maternity clothes are not as hard to find as you think. Adjust your summer wardrobe with a few maternity essentials that will have you feeling amazing all day long.

We all know comfort is the most important thing when looking for maternity clothes. Especially during this hot summer, we want something breezy, laidback, and stylish so we can look and feel cool no matter the occasion. Lightweight chiffons and flowy maternity maxi skirts are perfect for outdoor gatherings as they catch the subtle breeze perfectly.

Adding a fun, family game to your BBQ like cornhole or bocce ball can boost the competitive spirit and get everyone involved in friendly competition. Make things interesting by adding a small prize for the winning team. For this, a basic maternity jean and maternity top are perfect to give you that comfortable, casual look, also making it easy to move around so you too can get in on the fun.





As the sun sets, complete your BBQ day with a family movie. A fun way to show your favorite movie this summer while still enjoying the fresh air on a warm summer night is to project the movie onto the wall of your home in the backyard. Bring out some blankets and a warm maternity cardigan as the night cools down.

If you’re like us and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the warm sun, you can always opt for a casual maternity maxi dress which gives you a feminine look, and always comfortable feel. We especially love how convenient a maternity dress is to slip on and off, making the getting ready process quick and simple. A no fuss ensemble for a no fuss, fun day out with the family.




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