» Transitioning Into Motherhood With Style

Transitioning Into Motherhood With Style

All transitions can be intimidating — graduation from high school, graduation from college, a new job, pregnancy, motherhood — and sometimes it can take awhile to adjust and get into the groove of things. One thing that you know you can control during these transitions is your style. While you change or make alterations to everything else in your life, your style is one thing that can stay constant through it all. At PinkBlush, we want to make sure that you don’t have to sacrifice this as you compromise with everything else. From one individual style to the next, we alter your favorite pre-pregnancy looks to make sure they accommodate your growing bump throughout the next nine months.

Unlike any other maternity wear, these styles can easily transition into motherhood because they don’t look like “maternity clothes.” A maternity top you can wear straight into nursing, a maternity maxi dress you can wear all the way until your child’s first birthday, and even a maternity jean with an elastic waistband for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you are 8 weeks or 8 months, you don’t have to give up cute, stylish clothes in order to be comfortable. We want to give you the opportunity to do both.

Ashley from Three Under Three was able to transition in style with this gorgeous draped maternity maxi dress (also a perfect nursing dress) . New moms can appreciate this beauty with its deep v-neck and how free flowing and figure flattering it is. With so many prints, it’s hard not to buy them all so everyday is maxi madness.





Embrace life’s changes in style. Keep up with your favorite styles by checking out new arrivals for updates featuring your go-to looks now altered to fit your new lifestyle.

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