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Bow Back Thursday

This Throw Back Thursday, we’re giving a shout out to our favorite summer style. The bow back maternity top. It breaks all the rules about what it means to be a basic. Yeah, a solid front versatile enough to style with any look any time of the year, but turn around with one of these gorgeous tops on and you have a bow detail either printed, solid, or textured. It instantly transformed this look from plain to perfect.1


A striped maternity top with a polka dot bow — mixing and matching prints without having to worry about if it matches or not.


A striped one with a vibrant neon chiffon bow to attract the eyes and show off a brilliant color combination.



A lace bow back to give your look a feminine touch while still allowing to add some sparkle and shine with a bold statement necklace.


Multi-Colored tie back to give this solid maternity tank top the statement it is missing to stand out. You’ll want to put your hair in a cute ponytail to really show this one off.


This printed tank top may dominate the room with its extraordinary print in saturated hues but a subtle bow detail makes it that much more exciting. This is our favorite summer tank top!


And for the all-around best basic maternity top out there. A same color bow back detail to give it a bit of character to make it stand out.



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