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Feeling Blue?

The weekend is over and we’re already feeling those Monday Blues. Time to wake up early, get ready for work, and prepare for the long week ahead of errands, cooking, cleaning, and chaos. If there is anything that can turn our mood around on a day like today, it can only be one thing — these amazing shades of blue. From aqua to navy and everything in between, a collection of hues this gorgeous has to be celebrated with a smile. A chiffon maternity maxi dress here and maternity top there, how can we deny ourselves of these beauties? In between sips of your decaf, kick those Monday Blues and check out the collection of styles here at PinkBlush.




With a collection as versatile as this, you can grab something for any lifestyle. A basic maternity jean for an everyday wear, optimal for the expecting mom who looks for comfort and style as she keeps busy running around all day. A chiffon maternity dress for a mom who loves to play dress up for a night out. Even a long maternity cardigan for the chic boho styled mother who just loves a good light summer layer. Every piece can effortlessly fit into your lifestyle, making Monday mornings that much easier.


Okay Monday, let’s do this!

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