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Draped Front Favorites

It has a flattering fit, an easy nursing, a stylish look, and comfortable feel. You know what we’re talking about. The draped front maternity dress and maternity top. It is without a doubt our favorite style when it comes to our growing and every changing bodies and not to mention our wallets. Now a top or dress not only functioning as the perfect maternity clothes, but doubles as a beautiful nursing dress or top for after pregnancy. We all know how hard it is to get our bodies back after pregnancy and that we need something we can feel confident in every day.These draped pieces know exactly what you’re going through and help you adjust to the changes of your body. Whether you’re well into your pregnancy or just had your baby, having this in your wardrobe will give you a stylish look no matter what.

The most versatile styles with a comfortable adjustable top allows for growth at every stage. You’re in your third trimester and nothing feels like it fits and that’s the last thing you want on your mind. The best part about this draped cut is that it has complete coverage and allows you to move the v-neckline to your preference. Then, simply pull down for easy nursing after your baby is born. With the draped maternity maxi dress, the elastic material gives a fitted feel that will move to your body, allowing for a great post-pregnancy wear for as long as you have it. Rock these looks for every occasion from date night to baby shower.





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