» Three Feminine Fall Looks

Three Feminine Fall Looks

Fall is great for a lot of reasons: the cooling-down weather, a multitude of holidays, pumpkin-spice everything etc. The list goes on and on; but if you really ask women what they’re most excited about with fall, they’re most likely to answer: fall fashion!

What’s great about fall fashion, is the ability to layer super cute pieces for fun, feminine looks. Everything from scarves to leggings and even flappy-hats is recommended, and while summer looks are fun, fall allows you spice up your look just that little bit more for that classic structured style.

While fall has an unlimited amount of lovely looks, here are three styles we’re especially loving this season, as worn by TippeeCanoe:



This fall look is so easy to pull off, yet it’s one that we’ve been gaining some of the most compliments about over on our Instagram. Starting with our ivory rose tank, this top is a great year-round staple that is both comfortable & chic! The key to rocking a bright floral top is by pairing it smart, like with our grey maxi cardigan. Adding in some of the most comfortable fleece leggings, and you have a classic, simplistically-chic look to rock all season!



Animal print is always in style, but even more so during the fall! This super cute dolman sweater top is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe with the neutral colors that still pop, and the great length. Paired with fleece leggings, and you have a fun, flirty, fall look that can be worn for just about any occasion on your social itinerary!



This grey and black tribal print cardigan is a MUST for fall. Super comfortable, affordable and chic, it’s the ultimate must-have sweater this season. While it can be paired with just about everything, our pale pink embroidered tank top adds a bit of color to brighten up the otherwise dark hue look, when matched with leggings or your favorite pair of black jeans.

When it comes to fall, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable sweater and fun accessories! Hope this post inspired your seasonal style, and feel free to chime off in the comments with your favorite fall staple!




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