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How To Wear Ivory Dresses In The Fall

The fashion industry is continuously changing, altering and adapting in a revolving effort to set trends for seasons to come. It’s an industry built on taking risks, and showcasing their fearless confidence that nothing is untouchable. But for an industry known for having no rules, it’s surprising that there lays an un-discussed sacred rule that has long been kept by etiquette hard-liners: not wearing white after Labor Day.

Magazines won’t publish it, catwalks don’t showcase it, and celebrity stylists shy away from it; but why is white so intimidating? While there is no set history on why white is a big fashion faux pas, historians do speculate that the reasoning was symbolic, given that after Labor Day, American workers all wore dark clothes to their jobs, school classes etc. as they were less prone to show stains acquired throughout the day.
Whatever the reasoning, those who stand firm in their beliefs that white should remain untouchable until spring, have been met with resistance from many high-fashion personalities, and although the results are often muted, showcase that white tones can be worn whenever by whomever.

While Coco Chanel is remembered for her all-black ensembles, as far back as the 1920’s she was equally as known for making white a year-round staple. Likewise, the beautiful Marion Cotillard accepted her 2008 Academy Award in a mermaid-inspired cream dress and Michelle Obama proudly danced the night away at the Inaugural Ball in a snowy floor-length gown. White always seems to gain the most praise when people aren’t expecting it, and what better time to surprise fashion critics, than during the fall.

white after labor day

Here are two great ivory dresses that can be worn year round:




This Ivory Pink Floral Long Sleeve Dress is a great number to add to your  wardrobe rotation, as the burgundy flowers helps add some fall colors to the look, and the long bell sleeves adds a fun touch that can keep you warm as well! Perfect for overcast days, like this spontaneous beach trip, this dress gives off delicate, feminine vibes that is a great way to brighten up your fall style. Worn alone, or paired with a fun knit scarf or a comfy cardigan, this ivory floral dress is a great wardrobe style year round.


White is a bit harder to pull off in the fall than ivory and other neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Incorporating some neutral hues into your overall look, like this stunning Olive Green Cargo Jacket is fantastic both ascetically as well as practically. Not only will you look more seasonally-stylish, but this cargo jacket has multiple pockets, and the cinched back helps show off your shape, which is a great plus! Paired with some chic ankle boots or a fun hat and scarf is a great way to be fall-fashionable in this fun number.

When it comes to white, feel free to wear it year round! Paired seasonally, white hues are a fantastic way to brighten up your all-around look, showcase your statement pieces and provide a welcoming change from the otherwise plethora of dark hue styles. White speaks confidence, and you should feel beautiful in either of these two looks! To browse this and Pink Blush’s other seasonal styles, check out all of their must-have outfits here: http://shoppinkblush.com/c-114-looks-we-love.aspx

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