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Dressed For Fall

Typically when we think of seasonal styles, we associate maternity tank tops and shorts will the warmer summer months and maternity jeans and knits for the winter. But what about those of us pregnant in the summer and we can’t wear knits because it’s too hot or those of us showing in the fall and winter and we can’t wear maternity maxi dresses? Not too worry, PinkBlush designs your favorite flattering styles with year around colors and cuts to accommodate to your season. Our favorite style hands down during summer is maxi dresses. They’re easy, comfortable, and so cute. We’ve designed ours with a cinched under bust design to fully show off your bump while still keeping it stylish. When it comes to winter, we all want to bundle up in jeans and knits with layer on top of layer so we designed a maxi dress that can be worn in these cooler months.

We still kept the popular cinched under bust style but swapped out the strapless and tank style tops for long sleeves, draped fronts, and cowl necks. Instead of bold neons and bright hues, we created pieces with dark shades and fall toned prints. That way, you get to wear the flattering look year around. Even our nursing dresses have been adjusted to have long sleeves and a belted accent to cinch under bust and allow for discreet, simple nursing after your baby is born.






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