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Casual Maternity Street Style

Summer is over and with that, so is resting and relaxing. Schedules start to fill up with school functions, sports practices, and holidays one after the next. These months pass by us in a blink of an eye and from the end of August until winter break, you’re on the go at all times. Whether it be running errands, driving the kids from one thing to the next, or preparing for the new baby on the way, you are always moving. At PinkBlush, we can relate to the constant moving around and created specific pieces to keep you comfortable as you run from place to place without having you sacrifice your style at the same time.  From maternity cardigans with lightweight, free flowing styles and incredibly soft material to stretchy, form fitted basics to mix and match freely, you can have a collection of stylish maternity clothes that you can throw on in the short amount of time you have and look amazing.


The secret to these looks lies in the details. Take the simple striped maternity top, for example. A classic, timeless print can be easily paired with another print for a playful look but these have intricate detailing of lace and crochet so that it stands apart all on its own. No accessorizing needed. This is perfect for the moms who like to keep it simple.

No matter what top you choose to wear that day, you can never go wrong styling it with a basic maternity skinny jean. Jeans are versatile, casual, and when it has the elastic waistband, comfortable. Once you’ve put together a look you can feel confident in, the shoes can be the finishing touch that brings your outfit together. A basic tennis shoe says sporty while solid ankle boots scream chic. Adjust your look from one to the next with these versatile styles.


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