» Dress Up Your Maternity Leggings

Dress Up Your Maternity Leggings

Some (most) days, nothing sounds better than putting on a nice pair of comfortable leggings. We know the feeling all too well. You wake up, it’s cold outside, your back is sore, and you don’t feel like wiggling into a pair of maternity jeans. This is why fall is one of our favorite seasons. You can get away with wearing maternity leggings as pants and still feel warm enough to go outside because temperatures haven’t dropped to freezing. We get away with wearing leggings every day when we style them with a longer maternity tunic or maternity top. Our favorite way to finish off this effortlessly chic look is with a tall boot or ankle booties. It gives you that fall feel without putting in any effort.


If you’re still in those warmer weather areas but still want to rock your leggings on a cooler day, go out with a sporty chic look with sneakers and a comfortable lightweight maternity cardigan over your maternity tank top. A simple everyday look like this will get you from place to place with style without sacrificing your comfort. We love this for running errands or those days where you feel like you’re always on-the-go.


Throughout your pregnancy and especially during the last trimester, it’s important to stay comfortable and not put too much stress or pressure on your back and legs which can be done with jeans. Choose maternity leggings in any color to give your wardrobe some pops of color while giving your legs a break. These double as perfect lounge or maternity active wear which makes them our favorite maternity essential.

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