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Sporty Chic

Some of us are not athletic, and that’s okay! Some of us aren’t even that coordinated, and that’s okay too. We know balance gets a little tricky as the bump grows during pregnancy, causing a front-heavy feeling that throws us off a bit. Like most things, it takes practice to become more confident with your footing and to get accustomed to this change. Stabilizing exercises and daily walks will help you get a better understanding of your limits and overall balance. Of course, you may already be doing these things as part of your healthy pregnancy. Day to day activities such as running errands, driving the kids to school, or going to work are benefiting both you and the baby and decreasing the chance of falling or stumbling during pregnancy.


Until you’ve mastered the walk, we suggest you fake it ‘till you make it. Try out these stylish sporty maternity looks that don’t require any actual exercise. Effortlessly chic, these maternity leggings and top combinations will give you a comfortable, active lifestyle feel without the rolling-out-of-bed look. Ditch the sweatpants when you’re heading out and try on a fitted maternity leggings to give yourself some shape and options. With these, you can wear flats, boots, sandals, and sneakers and look amazing in all. Of course, a sporty inspired maternity top will finish off your look. Whether it be baseball tee, kangaroo pocket, or hooded, these three styles are the staples in maternity active wear. We’ve altered these classics with classic, feminine prints, neon accents, and complimentary hues to make sure your sporty chic ensemble stand apart from the baggy shirts out there.


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