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Healthy Alternatives To Your Cravings

No one knows why we have them, some say it has to do with our body lacking a certain nutrient or our taste buds telling us what they want. All we know is that pickles and ice cream sound amazing right now.  Foods that may have otherwise disgusted us have now become our main food craving. The more notorious food cravings contain higher amounts of sugar and caffeine which is not healthy for you or the baby. Here, we have a list of some equally as yummy alternatives to those lingering cravings that we can’t shake.
Craving This?                       Eat This


Ice Cream                              Nonfat frozen yogurt or sorbet. A substitute we can get behind


Soda                                       Sparkling water with a bit of fresh fruit


Doughnuts                           Whole grain bagel with fresh fruit jam


Cake                                      Banana or zucchini bread is healthy while still giving you a sweet fix with a cake texture


Potato Chips                       There is a large selection of baked potato chips to choose from that are great alternatives to greasy ones. Or, go even                                                             healthier with unbuttered popcorn or pretzels.


Cookies                                  Graham crackers by themselves for a small, light sweet treat or with a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese


So go for it, give into your sweet tooth craving with these healthier alternatives. You’ll get your fix without the added sugar and caffeine. Along with nutrition, keeping up with your healthy lifestyle by exercising for at least 30 minutes every day is key to a healthy pregnancy. Go for a light walk at night with your partner in a comfortable maternity yoga pant or maternity leggings and maternity cami to stay fit.


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