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Planning Your Babymoon

Planning a getaway before your baby comes? Celebrate the calm before the storm by traveling to your favorite vacation spot with your partner between week 14 and 30 in your pregnancy. The second trimester is suggested because it is the point in your pregnancy when chances of complications are lower and you feel your best. Around this time, you feel less sick, become more hungry, and your energy levels rise. Your placenta creates the specific hormones to regulate and maintain the baby’s health, making this perfect time to travel for mom and baby. Of course, before you plan your trip, talk to your doctor about what you should do to have the safest trip possible. We have a few tips to remember when you have decided where to go.

1. Stretch every chance you get! Lower back soreness typically happens more during this stage in your pregnancy as your uterus stretches and moves closer to your belly. Varicose veins also may develop if your legs if they do not get proper circulation. Pack compression stockings and remember to elevate your legs when you can.

2. Stay hydrated! Sodas and carbonated drinks can lead to feeling bloated and may make you feel sick. Make sure to have water with you at all times.

3. Keep it short. If you’ve chosen to take a car ride, make it 6 hours or less. Too much sitting can cause soreness in your legs and lower back.

4. Look up the nearest hospital to your destination just in case of any emergency.

Packing for the trip

This should be the easiest part of the planning. Depending on where you are going, PinkBlush has the styles you need all year long.

Since traveling can take a toll on your body, pregnant or not, it is even more important that you choose maternity clothes that will keep you comfortable for a long period of time. Maternity jeans can grow uncomfortable after a couple hours and if you’re planning a long car or plane ride, you don’t want to have that feeling the entire way. Save yourself some agony by choosing a laid back look while you’re en route. Our first pick for these cases is maternity yoga pants and a simple maternity top which is guaranteed to feel your best the entire time. After you’ve arrived at your destination, PinkBlush has styles for every type of vacation. Did you go on a tropical getaway? If so, first we want to say…lucky! Then, we want to suggest the latest trends in maternity maxi dresses and maternity tank tops that will keep you cool in the warm weather. Did you go on a road trip to the countryside? Layers are best as the nights can get cooler. Pack your suitcase with maternity cardigan and maternity jeans.





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