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Fall Florals

Like maternity knits in the winter, maxi dresses in the summer, we have that one print or style that we reserve for a special time of the year. But sometimes, there is that one print that you just can’t let go of when the weather changes. That’s why we sometimes see scarves with tank tops, long sleeves with shorts, and knit cardigans in the dead of summer. One style that we just get off our mind is florals. Typically seen in our bright spring wardrobe, this classic, feminine print has been adapted to fit into this fall to winter closet thanks to darker hues and longer sleeves.



We sat down to create a wardrobe that can be versatile, beautiful, and full of color so that stylish expecting mothers have options when it comes to cold weather attire that isn’t the basic knit maternity sweater. Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely in love with the basics, but sometimes a pop of color here and a bold print there give life to the dark days. With that said, we wanted something that could give us the darks of winter with the bright shades of spring while making sure we stayed warm. With long sleeves, a soft material, and tunic length, these maternity tops were created to be the missing piece to your legging and boot days. With prints ranging from small flowers to large watercolor rose gardens, you can see aspects of your favorite design in varying styles.


Don’t stop there. Incorporated into maternity maxi dresses and accessories from scarves to statement necklaces, floral patterns are here to stay. You won’t be seeing the last of these bold styles. Check in daily for new arrivals and updated winter essentials featuring this timeless favorite.


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