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Bump In The Night

Check out some these scary cute Halloween costumes using your favorite PinkBlush pieces. All you need are a couple props and these basics are transformed right before your eyes to classic, stylish, and comfortable costume that you can look and feel amazing in whether you’re at a party or passing out candy. Our favorite part about these looks…reuse the cute maternity clothes for any event after the holidays are over.

Go Go Girl

A classic bell sleeve chiffon maternity dress with a pair of knee high go go boots. Generally seen with large hoop earrings and a headband, make this flirty and fun look your own.


Minnie Mouse

Your favoirte childhood Disney character comes to life with a polka dot printed maternity dress, ears, and a basic balerina flat. Draw on your nose and wiskers for a youthful look this season.




Poison Ivy

Play the villian this holiday with your own take on Poison Ivy. Try on your maternity cami and maternity leggings with a single strand of leaves wrapped around your arms and bump for an all over fierce look. Finish it off with hot gluing extra leaves onto a solid black headband and a smoky eyeshadow.





Steal the show with this timeless Halloween costume. A simple maternity legging and striped maternity top with a beanie and DIY face mask (long strip of fabric with two eye holes….seriously that easy, you’d think it were a crime ;)) and you have the robber look down.




A wickedly stylish witch has arrived in a long sleeved maternity maxi dress with her broom in hand. Top it off with the classic witch hat and makeup and it’s that easy.



Simply tape your black construction paper cutout of a jack-o-lantern onto your rust maternity top to make a perfect pumpkin costume. Hot glue a few leaves onto a black headband for the top of the pumpkin and some brown maternity leggings for the base. Just in time for fall, these basics will be perfect not only for the holiday, but throughout the entire autumn season.



Arrrrgh you as excited about this pirate costume as we are? Okay we got that out of the way…

A simple charcoal 3/4 sleeve maternity dress has been upgraded with a pirate hat and DIY sash tie accent to make it the most stylish pirate look in all of the seven seas.




Wearing one of our fiercest favorites, you can be the cutest leopard of the night. Simply draw your nose and whiskers and put on your ears for a look that will come together before your eyes.




Audrey Hepburn

A new twist on our favorite style icon of all time. With a pearl strand, elbow length gloves, and a black maternity dress, you too can channel your inner Hepburn this holiday.



A spooktacular Halloween costume to make the holiday simple and sweet. Simply tape your ghost cutout on this asymmetric maternity top with a pair of tights and booties for the chicest ghost of the year look.

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All you need is a basic draped maternity dress, fringed booties, and a headband to really create the perfect Indian princess ensemble. Complete with feather details and turquoise jewelry, this Pocahontas inspired costume has it all.



Woodland Fairy

Bringing nature and style to one look, this woodland fairy costume gives you a feminine, fun look while still making sure you stay comfortable all night long. Fashion your hair into an intricate braid and strap on your wings for a fun night in or out. Plus, this chiffon maternity dress doubles as the perfect baby shower dress or date night dress.




Check out all of our Halloween costumes in one place here 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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