» How to Sport Your Favorite Team Colors

How to Sport Your Favorite Team Colors


We all know that it’s football season, so we’re getting in the spirit and sporting our favorite team colors for every event. You don’t need to be a football fan to appreciate these simple, colorful, everyday maternity looks. No matter what sport or team you’re into, we want to give every mom an excuse to have fun and look great with these team spirit inspirations. These sporty maternity looks are easy to create, and you most likely will be able to find these maternity pieces in your closet. From colorful maternity leggings to long sleeve maternity sweaters, join in on the festivities by adapting these looks to your own personal style.


There’s just one rule-have fun!





Simple Stripes

We’ll be the referee of this game! A simple striped or printed maternity top paired with solid pieces like a maternity cardigan and long boots make the striped top really stand out. If you like wearing your favorite sport jersey, you can create the same effect by playing down the rest of your outfit with solid pieces. We’re keeping it simple and comfortable, because we want our transitional moms to not only look great, but feel great too.


red sweater




Warm and Cozy

The weather is slowly starting to get colder, so make sure to dress warm for all your sporting events, as most take place outside. Try to incorporate your favorite team colors any way you can, this is where you can be creative!  We built this look around a red knit maternity cardigan representing a team color, and paired it with a basic maternity cami, black maternity legging, and a striped scarf. This look is perfect for any mom attending a sporting event, whether you’re going to a tailgate party or just having a Sunday night football barbecue in your backyard.


stand pom

sit ball



Have Fun and Accessorize

If you are really at a loss on what to wear or how to sport your favorite team colors, start with accessories! These blue and gold pom poms are great for expressing your team spirit, and can be a source of inspiration for your outfit. We took these two colors and found basic maternity pieces that mimic this color scheme with a blue maternity long sleeve top and yellow maternity leggings. To add the finishing touches, we paired this everyday maternity look with long brown boots and applied sporty, non-permanent sticker tattoos to really show off our team spirit.

The best part about team spirit is that you can show it off however you want! There is no right or wrong here as long as you stay true to your maternity style and have fun.

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