» Make Your Holiday Card an Unforgettable One

Make Your Holiday Card an Unforgettable One

It’s the holidays, that time of the year when people start up their favorite family holiday traditions again. There’s stringing up the holiday lights, decorating the tree, and sending out Holiday cards! Whether sending out a Holiday card is something you and your family do every year, or just something once in a while, we want your card to be unforgettable this year for soon-to-be mommies and daddies. The holidays are a time to celebrate the good things in life, so why not make your holiday card your announcement too? Not only will it be a fun way to announce your new baby, but it will be killing two birds with one stone. And as a new mom, we want your holiday season to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.


happy bow

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The Outfit

We’ve got some tips and tricks for how to style your holiday card outfit. Pick out a couple different outfits, and see which one you like the best. If you are coordinating your card with your SO, you can even plan an outfit together! We love a shimmery, fitted maternity dress and a classic pair of heels. For a couple of alternative ideas, a plaid flannel maternity top really brings in the holiday spirit when paired with maternity jeans and boots. A knit maternity sweater is also a great choice, especially if you want to really get in the spirit and wear a holiday sweater with a playful snowflake or holiday themed print.


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The Props

When it comes to props and announcing your baby, you can get as creative as you want. You can use a personal item, or anything from candy canes, ribbons, or holiday garland to wrap around and accentuate your bump. You can’t go wrong with using props, but if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something fancy or expensive, just use whatever you have at home. If you really want to get into the DIY spirit, try looking up inspirations from Pinterest to see what ideas you like best. Pick out a couple different prop ideas, and take a bunch of pictures with each different prop. This will give you variety to choose from, and you can see what you like best!

We hope that these holiday card announcement ideas will help you truly celebrate the holiday season, and your exciting bundle of joy to come. Send these cards out to all your family and friends so they can celebrate the exciting news with you as well. This holiday card announcement can be a tangible memory of your pregnancy, and a little piece that you can keep to remind you of this special time in your life.

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