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Cute and Quirky Gender Reveals


Are you looking for a fun and easy way to reveal your baby’s gender this year? If so, we’ve got the perfect pin-worthy ideas for how to let all your loved ones know the news about your baby’s gender. The long wait to learn your baby’s gender should be celebrated, so why not make a fun photo op out of this special time in your life? These simple ideas are easy to replicate for a boy or a girl, and not to mention adorable! Check out some of the ideas we’ve come up with and see which one you like best:


gumballs holding


Gumball Fun

Gumballs are an easy and creative way to represent your baby’s gender. Once you’ve picked out pink and blue gumballs, you can place them in a jar and decorate them any way you like. We tied a bow on to each jar for a simple detail. You can set up your shoot with a blanket and pillows like we did for a casual atmosphere, or set the jars on top of a table with you standing in front of them. No matter how you want to set up your shoot, have fun with it! There is no right or wrong when it comes to shooting your gender reveal.

Take a couple of fun photos of you in different poses, from blowing bubbles to holding the gumballs in excitement. Once you’re ready to take the final photo for the reveal, simply hold up the gumball that will reveal your baby boy or girl.

silly string

silly string 2

silly string 1 (1)

Silly String Madness

Lover of silly string? Then this gender reveal idea is perfect for you. This gender reveal requires the help of your friends or family, and is a great way to share the moment and fun with loved ones. Buy two cans of silly string: one that is pink, and one that is blue (for this shoot we used 4 cans). Have your friends stand on either side of you and when you’re ready, have them spray you with the blue or pink silly string to reveal your baby’s gender. While this shoot might look messy, it’s really very easy to cleanup as the silly string dries.

We hope these cute and quirky gender reveal ideas will inspire you to have fun and get creative with your baby’s gender reveal.

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