» PinkBlush At Home: Comfy & Cozy March Favorites

PinkBlush At Home: Comfy & Cozy March Favorites

March may be all about spring flowers, but only because of the spring showers before it. Whether rainy, overcast, or a little brisk, there’s no better way to bundle up than with some PinkBlush basics.

One of our favorite ways to stay comfy and cozy is with our fleece lined leggings. Whether working out, staying in or dressing up, these leggings are extremely versatile and can handle all daily situations. The elastic waistband maintains comfortability and keeps them in place throughout the day, even when playing with little ones!

Thanks to these leggings hitting mid-belly, they automatically provide a bit of stomach control which opens up a variety of options for tops…including form fitted ones. Even if you haven’t dared to wear a form-fitting top since pre-baby, these miracle-like leggings help everything to glide smoothly and can be the perfect compliment to any fitted top. Currently, we’re obsessed with mixing black and grey, like this long sleeve basic, but everything from

dolmans to tank tops will do as well!




One of the top pieces of advice mom’s pass down is to wear comfy clothes after baby according to Everyday Family. Whether having a C-section or natural birth, there’s often an unobtainable expectation of how mothers should look after baby, when the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with your body looking different after giving birth for any amount of time. You just brought a child into the world, that’s huge! Your body should be celebrated, not put down, and between diaper changes, feedings, and random bursts of energy, there’s nothing wrong with placing your child as more important than calorie counting and hitting the gym.


While the changes may take time to get used to, there’s nothing better than feeling amazing in the body you have and thankfully our leggings can help you celebrate your curves or all the right reasons.

So whether you’ve just given birth or have your hands full with little ones, here are our top March picks for staying comfy and cozy all month long:

1. Leggings. Whether fleece lined or not, leggings become the perfect replacement for those old hate-to-love jeans. We’re obsessed with their ability to cover up any possible muffin top and create a flattering silhouette. Even better, they don’t stretch out and stay perfectly in place all day. Can you say hello, wardrobe essential!?!

2. Ponchos. Yes, ponchos are known for being warn during overcast days, but they also double as the ideal nursing top as well. Perfect for feeding times at any time, ponchos easily allow the baby to get fed comfortably, while remaining modest. Bonus that they fit loosely over the stomach area and feels like you’re wearing your favorite cozy blanket all day long!

3. Patterned Cardigans. While most of your time may be spent burping and feeding baby, there’s no reason for that to be showcased through your daily style. Patterned cardigans work wonderfully as they not only jazz up any of your basics if you go outside or want to feel beautiful indoors, but the patterns also wonderfully hide any burp-ups and/or milk leaks that may happen. Keeping an eye out for open cardigans is ideal, is it prevents any zippers or buttons to get in the way when holding or feeding your baby, and are also the easiest to throw on as well! Arriving in a variety of fabrics, open cardigans are a worth-while investment that can make your spring wardrobe a breeze!

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