» 2015’s Most Popular Baby Names

2015’s Most Popular Baby Names

Whether you prefer a traditional name or something unique, there’s always something fun about finding out what the year’s most popular baby names are. Here are 2015’s top baby names as compiled by BabyCenter.

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Rank Male Female
1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 Ethan Sophia
4 Mason Ava
5 Logan Isabella
6 Lucas Mia
7 Jacob Charlotte
8 Jackson Madison
9 Elijah Emily
10 Aiden Amelia
11 James Ella
12 Alexander Abigail
13 Oliver Harper
14 Benjamin Lily
15 Luke Chloe
16 Michael Avery
17 Jack Evelyn
18 Carter Sofia
19 William Zoey
20 Henry Audrey
21 Daniel Hannah
22 Wyatt Aria
23 Owen Aubrey
24 Caleb Grace
25 Gabriel Zoe
26 Matthew Elizabeth
27 Jayden Scarlett
28 Ryan Ellie
29 Nathan Nora
30 Isaac Layla
31 Connor Addison
32 Hunter Natalie
33 Samuel Mila
34 Joshua Lucy
35 Dylan Brooklyn
36 David Riley
37 Eli Lillian
38 Andrew Leah
39 Sebastian Alice
40 Anthony Victoria

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