» 2013 Holiday Collection

2013 Holiday Collection

The holidays are one of the most stressful, but fun times of the year. With Thanksgiving, and Christmas fast approaching you’re sure to be surrounded by family and friends and want to look extra classy. Especially since everyone you haven’t seen in a while will be rubbing your belly all day long. With that in mind, here are three outfits that will ensure that you and your little bump make an impression this holiday season.

“Sparkle and Shine”

sequined dress 4

A playful sequined dress will look stunning on you as you greet the coming year. It’s perfect for parties, or a fun night out on the town. If you want to wear sequin but you’re not sure how to pull it off without looking like a walking disco ball, this dress is the perfect choice. It’s got plenty of bling and sparkle, but underneath it’s a classy black dress so it tones down the flair just enough for almost anyone to pull off.

sequined dress 3


sequined dress2

If you still don’t feel quite confident enough to strut this gold version at the next party, tone it down by wearing the alternate version with black sequins instead so it’s not quite as flashy but still has some sparkle.  It will shimmer under the light and make your outfit look chic. Plus, it’s not so holiday specific, so you can wear it all year long.

sequined dress1

“Pretty in Lace” 

green holiday dress5

This classy, crochet-sleeved tunic is feminine, fun and flexible. It’s the perfect starter piece for the holidays because it can be worn with jeans for casual get togethers, dressed up, with tights and heels, or totally glammed out, like we did here with a beautiful vest and attention-getting makeup.

green holiday dress1

The pretty lace-like detail on the sleeves instantly gives this outfit a soft, romantic feel. And Forest green is perfectly on trend this season, and hints at holiday fun.

green holiday dress3

When possible, try to wear it without having to cover up the sleeves. Winter is cold so you’ll probably need a coat or some extra layers depending on your event, but you won’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm. A fun vest, or sleeveless sweater can add a touch of glamour that is sure to take this lady-like outfit to high fashion.

green holiday dress2

green holiday dress4

“Berry Chic”


For just a hint of glint, try this sequin-trimmed top. You get the shimmery fun of the sequins, but they work as a highlight to the outfit, not the main attraction. This plum color is rich and chic, and looks amazing with dark colors.


With the bling of the sequins you can have some fun with the outfit by trying black leather pants, or a flashy jacket. No matter what color you choose for the rest of this outfit, make sure your jacket is a nice cropped length that hits right above your waist. It will highlight your curves and leave room for the sequins to shine.



Balance the subtle shine of the sequins and the deep colors with classy jewelry. We chose to go with a dark, layered necklace but depending on how you style it, you could go with classy studs and a jeweled bracelet too.

No matter where you go, one of these outfits is sure to be a hit. The trendy colors, sequin highlights and sexy use of crochet all create a cozy, chic, and classic look for the holidays. And with these feminine cuts, you’ll feel beautiful and fashionable even as you start wearing more fabric and covering up for the cold weather.


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