» Fall Transitional Wear: Colorblock Maxi Dress

Fall Transitional Wear: Colorblock Maxi Dress

Fall has so many great styles worth stocking up on, but that doesn’t mean your summer wardrobe has to gather dust in your closet. To find out the best ways to transition warm weather styles into cold weather chic looks, we employed the help of our contributing guest fashion bloggers, Tara Gibson from Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes as well as Kate from The Love of Fancy to show us how it’s done in style, using our pleated color block maxi dress for inspiration!


flattering cute maxi dress

Living in Texas, the weather is beautiful year-round, so all it takes for Kate to make this look fall fashion ready, is simply relying on the right accessories! Headwear  is huge this season, and what better shade to match this white and navy dress than a burgundy frumpy hat! Black hats along with dark colored headbands could also provide a great contrast to this look, but we’re loving how the burgundy from her hat coordinates with her watch as well!



For Tara, going with neutral, earth tones was her favorite way to compliment the white and blush pink maxi dress. Lighter colors tend to be associated with spring and summer by default, so in order to translate the clothes into fall fashion statements, coordinating colors can help make the look appear more fluent.


Pairing the blush maxi dress with a fun cargo jacket and statement necklaces, pulls this look together for an easy, casual look! If a more upscale daytime look is what you’re looking for, adding a fun jeweled belt where the colors meet can showcase your curves and make the dress fit you to a T! Likewise, if you’re going with the jeweled accent belt, a fun headband and gold bracelets can keep the attention on you and look elegant chic!

cute maxi dresses for fall

With so many colors to choose from, this color block maxi dress is versatile and can be fashion forward for all seasons! Available in mint green, navy, black and pink blush, this maxi is a must have!


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