Labor Day has passed and New York Fashion Week is in full swing…it’s safe to say that fall is officially upon us. Although I enjoy the wanderlust of fall, summer truly has my heart. Barbeques, beach trips, produce stands, fresh flowers and most importantly, colorful clothing. Well, if you are a lover of summer and all of its awesomeness, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be over quite yet. You can extend summer by simply transitioning your summer pastels and prints into fall! I know, I know…easier said than done. So, in hopes of simplifying this process for you, I am going to show you how I’ll be transitioning a few of my favorite summer pastels and prints from Pink Blush into fall.

LOOK 1: Crochet Tank Top & Paisley Scarf

First things first…fashion isn’t about rules! It’s about self-expression thru style! As a style blogger and stylist, I feel that women often forget that, which limits their ability to be expressive in their clothing! Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk crochet, paisley and pastels. There are tons, tons and tons of people who believe that pastels should only be worn in spring, that crochet tops are only for the cool hipsters at Coachella and that paisley prints are for grannies. Well, it is with great delight that I share that all of those notions are incorrect. However, I will say that styling these items requires careful attention to detail, as you want to make sure these pieces are balanced and proportionate to the “look” you are creating.

IMAGE 2outfit1collagewideIMAGE 3

For me, styling this particular ensemble was about extending wear-ability. I began with my foundational pieces, the pastel crochet tank and paisley scarf. Those soft colors led me to an ashy gray denim that really enhanced the textures and colors of the top and scarf, allowing them to remain the FOCAL pieces of the look. To ensure the ensemble included a fall-esque feel, I simply accessorized with fall textures (i.e. a wool floppy hat and suede peep toe heels). And for the final touches, I added the beige maxi cardigan and tan clutch! This is a great look for Saturday brunch with the girls or a quick run to the market to pick up fresh flowers.

Top // Scarf // Cardigan

LOOK 2: Abstract Floral Print Kimono


In hopes of making this beautifully bright, floral kimono fall appropriate, I took a moment to really examine the colors in the print. My eyes were immediately drawn to the purple and magenta hues, which led me to the immediate decision of wearing a dark lip color. Add a dark lip and it immediately changes the nature of a look! From there I added a faux leather eggplant pant and suede booties. Again, texture is extremely important when creating a trans-seasonal look. For completion, I added an olive green top to make it even more fall-esque, as well as gold accessories and a nude clutch accented with gold. This ensemble is perfect for a casual date night or dinner with friends!

And for those of you who don’t think the kimono trend is for you, I’m here to tell you it is! There are sooooo many amazing choices. It’s just a matter of finding one that suits your personal style! So, if you are in kimono dismay, keep searching! I have faith that you’ll find the one : )

Kimono // Top (Similar) //

LOOK 3: Bird Print Dress

IMAGE 8collage3wideIMAGE 11

I love when fashion magic happens. Upon making the decision to transition this dress into fall, I knew that I would have to include fall colors. The bird print perfectly guided me to cognac brown and cypress/military green (2 of the top 10 fall 2014 colors), which simplified the styling process as I then went to my “go-to pieces” in those colors! To create more fall depth, I added the dark lip color again, which beautifully enhances the richness of the yellow and the print! A great look for those fall days when it’s breezy in the AM, yet hot around midday.

Dress // Jacket (Similar)

And there you have it…a few ways how I’ll be transitioning my favorite summer pastels and prints from Pink Blush, into fall. Keep in mind that summer-to-fall wardrobe transitions require layering, the use of various textures/textiles, season appropriate colors, the occasional dark lip and an open mind! Happy Fall and Happy Styling!


This post was written by our Pink Blush contributing guest fashion blogger, Candace from Live, Love & Read; a premiere lifestyle blog focusing on everything art, fashion and entertainment. To view more from Candace, visit her website at LiveLoveAndRead.com and a big thank you to Kimberly J Photography for beautifully capturing these images. 

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