» Tasty Tuesdays: Best Stuffed Snacks

Tasty Tuesdays: Best Stuffed Snacks

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than snacking on stuffed foods. Cheese, cream, you name it, we’ll try it! So in celebration of it almost being Hump Day, here are some tasty homemade treats for when you want to satisfy those cravings!





















Garlic Cheese Bombs as created by Spend With Pennies, is a recipe that helped put this blog on the foodie blog map. With almost 200K likes, this recipe is the real deal. Mixing heavenly garlic dough with goo-ey delicious cheese, this recipe is great for eating alone, or when dipped in ranch dressing. Either way, get ready to share because not only do these make your entire house smell amazing, but they taste equally as divine which will make them go quickly!

























Because these are a fan favorite, Spend with Pennies also makes these BOMB bacon cheeseburger bombs. Perfect for watching a game or eating at a picnic, these unique take on the classic burger and bun will give you a delicious mouthful. Try them out, you won’t regret it!




























So, this picture is beautiful, but as someone who LOVES this dish, the photo simply does not do this stuffed snack any justice! Prosciutto Wrapped Goat Cheese Dates are delicious!!! Perfect as an appetizer, these are an easy way to throw together a snack and enjoy all three of the flavors in perfect harmony. It’s the perfect mix of a bit of smokey flavor, with creamy cheese, and the sweetness of the dates. Not a fan of goat cheese? Try switching it up for a warm appetizer, by making bacon wrapped blue cheese dates. They’re AMAZING especially when you pour a little balsamic vinegar reduction on top.































Ever feel like there simply isn’t enough avocado in your sandwich? Well, then this BLT stuffed avocado recipe by FarmGirl may be just what your tummy has been looking for! Everything you love about a BLT sandwich, add the goodness of avocado in the springtime, and you’re set! Eat alone or make a batch for the avocado lovers in your life, and enjoy!

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