» Tasty Tuesdays: Kindergarten Foods Revisited

Tasty Tuesdays: Kindergarten Foods Revisited

Ladies, did you know today is National Kindergarten Day!?! In celebration we thought we’d bring out our childhood side by revisiting some of the PinkBlush team’s favorite foods in adult form! Whether you loved Mac & Cheese, PB&J or even Poptarts we’ve got new and amazing ways to fall in love with your favorite kindergarten foods all over again!































Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich by Raining Hot Coupons

What’s better than grilled cheese sandwiches and mac & cheese? Mixing the two together! The toasted bread allows the sandwich to be both portable and provides a great crunch when paired with the soft and gooey mac and cheese. Together, these two are perfect and is a great way to combine two childhood favorites!

























Adult PB&J by Blissful Basil

Impress your grown up taste buds with your very own adult peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Long are the days of white bread and sugar filled jelly goo with the introduction of fresh berries, whole wheat toasted bread and delicious peanut butter. This delicious treat is a must-have lunch or snack that your tummy will thank  you for!




















Homemade ‘Lighter’ Poptarts by Undressed Skeleton

Poptarts are quite amazing, and therefore we had a bit of a discussion as to posting either homemade poptarts (the strawberry filling kind because hello those are the best) or a true adult version made with better ingredients. In the end we had to choose the later, as these homemade locally sourced poptarts are truly delicious and provide a sense of sophistication when eating. Whether you love coconut, apples or latte flavor there’s a recipe for all taste buds!

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