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Fall Layers

Brrrr, cold weather is here to stay! And although we might not quite be ready for snowy weather just yet, I think everyone has noticed the crisp wind and falling leaves by now. But hey, that just means it’s hot cocoa, PJ’s and partial hibernation for 6 months right? WRONG! Well, maybe we can keep the hot cocoa, and PJ’s at night 🙂

The point is, it’s cold, but you can look great, and stay warm, without turning into that kid from a Christmas Story . It’s a common style myth that adding layers and bundling up has to make you look bigger than you really are. Pregnant women often worry about this even more, because they actually are a bit bigger than they’re used to. But that shouldn’t keep you from tasteful layers and looking great.

Follow these tips to make sure you stay warm and comfortable, but still look chic this season!


1) When layering, focus on items that best accentuate your body, not just cover it up.

Start with a basic, lightweight top. Something solid, neutral or striped as a good base. We started with a white solid cami because its fitted and will keep your shape looking slim.


2. Add another layer such as a soft knitwear like this turtleneck maternity sweater.

It hugs all the right curves and adds that extra layer of warmth and sophistication. When layering, you want to play with textures. Brownie points for playing with different necklines or collars too.

With the luxurious enlarged neckline of this sweater you can wear it over a basic cami, or wear it off-the-shoulder for a more playful look.


3. Add a jacket or coat.

We paired this chic knitwear with a simple black blazer to keep it looking crisp and not overdone. The blazer provides structure and adds a slimming effect while hiding the not so flattering pregnant sides.

Jackets and blazers are great because you can wear them when you need, but they’re far easier to take off than a sweater is.


4. Add a scarf.

Paired with a turtleneck sweater it may be a little much since the neckline already acts like a scarf. But normally, adding a scarf will add that extra layer that you’re looking for, will keep you warm and even act as a statement piece if it’s a fun color or print.


5. Finish off the look by sprinkling on your favorite accessories (bracelets, long necklaces, rings. etc)

With a neutral color base you can decide whether you want to stick with simple, classic jewelry, or have some fun with colors and brighter pieces. Either way, do something that makes you feel beautiful, and be careful not to wear anything too dangly or gaudy that might distract from the carefully layered look you just put together.

The neutral colors on top make a nice transition into your colored jeggings. This Fall you’ll find that colors such as burgundy, wine and forest green are on trend so experiment a bit. Just make sure that if you’re going to try out a fun Fall color in your leggings, that your top isn’t competing for attention with too different of a color.

Before you go out, pair it with your favorite ankle boots or if you’re wanting to dress it up a bit, wear a pair of short heels that are easy for you and baby.

Photographed by Jessica Hinkson

Written by Karen & Jessica, creators of Mychicbump.com


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