» How To: Perfect Pregnancy Photos

How To: Perfect Pregnancy Photos

You have gone on Pinterest, baby blogs, and asked your friends on Facebook. It’s the biggest question that I get asked as a photographer by my maternity clients. “What should I wear for my session?!” It’s a great question, because no matter how talented your photographer may be, what you choose to wear sets the entire tone for your session AND your final image collection. So I thought I would share my top tips to help you choose what to wear for your maternity pictures! Of course be sure to talk to your own photographer regarding their personal style and ideas.

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Tip #1: Plan on at least two outfits. 

           This helps create a variety in your final images. You may leave the house thinking that just one outfit will do, but trust me on this. What if you decide you hated the way that sweater looked on camera? If you only wore that one sweater, you would end up disliking all of your images. Variety can be a lifesaver. This also gives you the opportunity to plan for a dressier outfit, like this dress,  but also include a cozy and casual outfit like this this sweater. Often times even switching up a blouse, adding a scarf, or different piece of jewelry can make all the difference in providing variety. I always suggest bringing a small tote bag of different accessories along to switch up the looks if needed. Remember, your photographer is there to help you decide!

Tip #2: Know your photographer’s style and plan accordingly. 

           Every photographer is different and photographs with a unique style. I have no doubt that you have chosen your photographer based on the quality of work that you have seen, and something about their work really drew you to their style. You may see a lot of colored images on their website because your photographer may love to work with bright, rich colors. If this is the case, showing up in black and white may not be your best choice. Like myself, your photographer may prefer to present mostly black and white images in your final collection. This means that I educate clients on colors and tones that work best for my black and white photography. This includes staying away from bright orange or red tones, and instead sticking with neutrals like this sweater.  If you are unsure of what colors to look for, ask your photographer what they love their clients to wear. Cater to your photographer’s strengths, since that strength is most likely what appealed to you in the first place.

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Tip #3: Pose yourself in your outfits. 

           That’s right. Make sure your chosen outfit looks great no matter how you pose. That means making sure your dress is long enough when you sit, or lay down. It means making sure nothing is see through, or an annoying bra strap doesn’t keep popping out of place. Trying on your outfits beforehand, and showing a loved one is a great one to make sure everything will be smooth for your session day. Doing so will also give you a great boost of confidence when you’re posing on your session day!!

Tip #4: Less is More 

           When it comes to your perfect maternity session outfit, remember that simplicity can go a long way. I urge clients to stay away from busy patterns and logos. Although your outfit plays a major role, remember that your session is about capturing so much more than what you were wearing. It is instead about photographing the anticipation of a baby, the very miracle of pregnancy, and the joy you share with your loved one as you become parents. Your images will instantly become more timeless by focusing on simple statement pieces. Your outfit should both compliment and strengthen why you wanted the pictures to begin with, not distract from it.

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