» 5 Workout Outfit Essentials During Pregnancy

5 Workout Outfit Essentials During Pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy is extra important. Your body is going through so many changes as part of pregnancy, and growing in often uncomfortable ways. That’s why “working out,” and “staying comfortable” both have to work together to make you the blissful, healthy momma you deserve to be!  With that in mind, here are our 5 workout outfit essentials to make exercise comfortable, flattering and fun.
1. Keep it Basic – Start with a basic, lightweight top. Something solid, neutral or stripes as a good base and keeps you covered without feeling like you’re weighed down any more than normal. Plus, being fitted can be slimming, especially when paired with Outfit Essential #2

workout2 copy
2. Keep it Loose – You don’t have to give up comfort when wearing maternity workout clothes. Opt for something light and airy like this this loose fit workout top. It’s breathable, soft and very feminine and gently disguises those growing areas you are working on.

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3. Keep it Stretchy – Wherever you exercise you’re going to be moving all over the place. Make sure your clothes and holding you back (literally) and stick with a stretchy, comfortable material that will be gentle on your bump. In the case of workout pants, softer is always better.

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4. Keep it Feminine – Have to pick up the rest of your kids? Go to the grocery store? Run a couple of errands after your workout? All of the above? Then bring something you can dress up your outfit a bit with a Cardigan like this one. It’s soft, comfortable and will help you make the most out of your time so you keep making exercise a priority.

workout7 copy
5. Keep it Cute – Okay, so a head piece isn’t essential but they sure make you feel cute! And that’s totally worth it when you’re pregnant. Anything to remind you how beautiful and radiant you really are! Grab a fun headband, hair clip, or loose tie. It’s a great way to keep your hair in place while you exercise while bringing in a bit of fashion and fun to the gym.

workout5 copy
What makes exercise fun and comfortable for you? Let us know in the comments

Written by Karen & Jessica, creators of Mychicbump.com


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