» How To: Finding Your Perfect Skirt Length

How To: Finding Your Perfect Skirt Length

While we’re not quite to shorts and t-shirt weather just yet, it’s exciting to see temperatures warming up and the prospect of not having to wear jeans and jackets all the time! Especially when dealing with swelling and weight gain (Gasp!) can cause pants to fit snugger in the legs and buttocks. But never fear, with the warm weather comes a whole new category of clothes to enjoy.



There’s nothing quite like slipping into a fun and flexible skirt! Skirts are both a fashionable and a comfortable choice during pregnancy because they are classy, feminine, and give your body some freedom.

In general, there are 3 lengths of skirts that work well during pregnancy:

1. The Hi-Low Skirt – This fun, flirty style works great when you are in your first and second trimester. It’s the coolest of the three, meaning it allows more air to circulate during pregnancy, so it’s definitely a must-have item to wear during the warmest of days.




2. The Mid-length Skirt – This style is particularly flattering, especially to those of us who are or tend to get curvier during pregnancy. A striped print, specifically a diagonal striped print, is very flattering and deviates attention away from your hips and thighs.



3. The Maxi Skirt – The most versatile style of the three because it’s long, flowy design can disguise your growing midsection quite well and have a great slimming effect. They’re comfortable and fun too, so you can wear them all spring and summer long. And best of all you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion.



Once you’ve decided on the length and style you want, there’s no shortage of fun colors and patterns to choose from. You can also find little extras like stretchy waistbands to accommodate your growing belly throughout all 40 weeks, and beyond—when regular clothes don’t quite fit properly yet.

Make sure to stick with a light, comfortable material to help you stay cool and feel beautiful all summer long.

Written by Karen & Jessica, creators of Mychicbump.com

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