» Spring Style: Cardigans

Spring Style: Cardigans

February can be an interesting month for fashion choices. The weather can vary from overcast and cold, to beautiful and sunny; and certain days, it can choose to be a bit of everything depending on the hour. Luckily, if the weather decides to be different in your bedroom than on the drive over to get groceries, there’s an answer for these unpredictable days: cardigans.

Cardigans are a pregnancy blessing, not simply because they can easily be thrown on to make a jeans and tee day a bit more special, but the fact that they’re incredibly transitional as well. Whether you’re currently pregnant, nursing, or back to body before baby, cardigans can help you feel comfy and chic all year long.


Cardigans are a great way to transform your outfit from drab to fab, and during pregnancy is a great time to break out of your comfort zone and play with different patterns and prints. Animal printed cardigans are a great option to add a bit of texture to your outfit while still staying somewhat neutral, while tribal print cardigans can provide your look with attention for all the right reasons.


One aspect to keep in mind when finding the perfect maternity cardigan is length. It’s important for your cardigan to not only hit below your bump, but to hit slightly longer around mid-hip, to ensure that when completely buttoned up your cardigan won’t rise mid-belly. Our navy blue sparkle animal print cardigan for example, is the perfect length to be paired over jeans, but could equally look great with our fleece lined leggings or a white lace dress.

Whatever your personal style is, there’s perfect cardigans for you available at PinkBlushMaternity.com

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