» Monday’s Momma Munchies: Pickles Four Ways

Monday’s Momma Munchies: Pickles Four Ways

When it comes to pregnancy, every pregnant woman gets cravings. From sweet and salty or even sour, every momma-to-be has that short list of must-have foods to satisfy those hankerings. If you’ve been eating the same foods the same way over and over, we’re here to help modify your mouth-watering must haves with some new, additional ways you can gratify your appetite!

Since pregnancy and pickles go hand in hand, we thought there was no better way to kick off our Monday momma’s munchies, than with our favorite pickle recipes! If you’re craving salty foods, pickles may be just what your belly is asking for. While these tasty treats can be delicious straight out of the jar, it’s a shame to limit their deliciousness to just one way. From fried, to baked and even dipped, here are our three favorite ways to satisfying those pickled cravings this week.

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Fried Pickle Poppers

Created by: Host The Toast

These fried pickle poppers are one of those recipes you didn’t realize you needed in your life on a frequent basis until coming across it. The perfect mix of crunchy, salty and creamy, these cheese-filled heavenly treats take only twenty minutes to make from scratch and has only a handful of ingredients, making these effortlessly easy for an afternoon delight!

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Dill Pickle Dip

Created by: Southern Bite

Pickle lovers, rejoice! If you absolutely love pickles, this dip is for you. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand! The perfect mouthful of pickle flavor, mixed with creaminess of cheese and the crunch from anything from salt & vinegar potato chips to carrots, makes this an ideal pregnancy craving appetizer. With just five ingredients and 20 minutes of total preparation time, you can be enjoying this delicious dish in no time at all!

Dill Pickle Bites 5

Dill Pickle Bites 11

Dill Pickle Bites 7

Dill Pickle Bites 1

Dill Pickle Bites

Created by: The Kitchen Is My Playground

Alternately, if you want to make a meal-version of this tasty dip, TKIMP has you covered with these delicious Dill Pickle Bites. Made vegetarian or with salami slices, this is an easy to make meal that can satisfy both your hunger and your pickle cravings.


Pickle Chicken

Created by: Sugar Dish Me

Because there’s more than one way to have pickles, we at PinkBlush are obsessed with this garlic dill variety. Perfect for switching up the salty sweet, garlic dill pickles are a bit more savory and go perfect for dinnertime delights both alone and when paired with this chicken meal.

Since you can never go wrong with having too many pickles, why not make this dinner with spicy pickle dip as well for your garlic fries! Made with greek yogurt, this quick-to-make dinner actually falls in the healthy meal camp and is a great way to make use of your leftover pickle juice!

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