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You’re looking in the mirror and think there must be something missing. You can solve this with a number of solutions from jewelry to a bold red lip, but sometimes it just isn’t cutting it. Adding a lightweight printed scarf or knit scarf will instantly give your look character and tie the entire outfit together. You can pull this off in so many easy ways that scarves have become our go-to when we want to try something new and be adventurous. Mixing prints to keeping warm, the possibilities are endless and when you find the right scarf, it can have multiple functions.



Prints, textures, material, and style are all things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect accent piece. Do you want a bold print to pair over your classic striped maternity top? How about a feminine lace to pair with a floral printed maternity top. Is it cold outside? A heavy knit scarf to keep you warm while adding a stylish chunky layer to your solid maternity top. Finally, the ever so versatile infinity scarf vs. the always classic regular scarf. Here, you can see just how you can rock all of these types of scarves this season.





When we think of a scarf, we usually picture it looped or tied around the neck, right? Well, Seng from Sengerson showed us that there is more than one way to wear a scarf. We love how she transformed this solid maternity maxi dress with this infinity scarf for her photo shoot!


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