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Helpful Tips for Winter Woes

Enduring the winter season can be difficult when you’re pregnant. Your old winter clothes don’t fit, and now you’re spending tons of money on new maternity clothes. Depending on where you live, there can be many other obstacles to staying happy and healthy this season like cold weather, the stress of the holidays, and sickness lurking at every corner. It’s important to be prepared when it comes to taking on the biting cold this year, and we’ve got some universal tips to make your holiday season as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.Read More

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Healthy Alternatives To Your Cravings

No one knows why we have them, some say it has to do with our body lacking a certain nutrient or our taste buds telling us what they want. All we know is that pickles and ice cream sound amazing right now.  Foods that may have otherwise disgusted us have now become our main food craving. The more notorious food cravings contain higher amounts of sugar and caffeine which is not healthy for you or the baby. Here, we have a list of some equally as yummy alternatives to those lingering cravings that we can’t shake.Read More