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Business Casual

You don’t have to tell us dressing for the bump is hard, we know the struggle. It’s stressful enough finding appropriate, comfortable, and not to mention stylish maternity clothes, but now we have to find work wear? It can seem a bit overwhelming, searching for clothes that will grow with your bump and still show your personal style through your day to day work wear. Read More

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Fall Florals

Like maternity knits in the winter, maxi dresses in the summer, we have that one print or style that we reserve for a special time of the year. But sometimes, there is that one print that you just can’t let go of when the weather changes. That’s why we sometimes see scarves with tank tops, long sleeves with shorts, and knit cardigans in the dead of summer. One style that we just get off our mind is florals. Typically seen in our bright spring wardrobe, this classic, feminine print has been adapted to fit into this fall to winter closet thanks to darker hues and longer sleeves. Read More

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Planning Your Babymoon

Planning a getaway before your baby comes? Celebrate the calm before the storm by traveling to your favorite vacation spot with your partner between week 14 and 30 in your pregnancy. The second trimester is suggested because it is the point in your pregnancy when chances of complications are lower and you feel your best. Around this time, you feel less sick, become more hungry, and your energy levels rise. Your placenta creates the specific hormones to regulate and maintain the baby’s health, making this perfect time to travel for mom and baby. Of course, before you plan your trip, talk to your doctor about what you should do to have the safest trip possible. We have a few tips to remember when you have decided where to go.Read More

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Healthy Alternatives To Your Cravings

No one knows why we have them, some say it has to do with our body lacking a certain nutrient or our taste buds telling us what they want. All we know is that pickles and ice cream sound amazing right now.  Foods that may have otherwise disgusted us have now become our main food craving. The more notorious food cravings contain higher amounts of sugar and caffeine which is not healthy for you or the baby. Here, we have a list of some equally as yummy alternatives to those lingering cravings that we can’t shake.Read More

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Finishing Touches

The best way to bring your look together lies in the accessories. We’ve seen the importance of the right accessories and how they can determine the style that you are going for. One basic solid maternity sweater can turn feminine chic with a pink toned floral jewel statement necklace or edgy with a spike or fringed necklace. Depending on the look you want to achieve, the right piece in your jewelry box will instantly transform any look from plain to perfect. There are many things to consider when you want to try the statement necklace trend. Do you play it safe with monochromatic jewels and a subtle design or make a loud remark with neon accents and large pendant and rhinestone detail? Maybe all you need is a delicate necklace or bangle to bring your look together. Either way, you have a selection of stylish accessories at PinkBlush at affordable prices so you can try out every style. Read More

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Sporty Chic

Some of us are not athletic, and that’s okay! Some of us aren’t even that coordinated, and that’s okay too. We know balance gets a little tricky as the bump grows during pregnancy, causing a front-heavy feeling that throws us off a bit. Like most things, it takes practice to become more confident with your footing and to get accustomed to this change. Stabilizing exercises and daily walks will help you get a better understanding of your limits and overall balance. Of course, you may already be doing these things as part of your healthy pregnancy. Day to day activities such as running errands, driving the kids to school, or going to work are benefiting both you and the baby and decreasing the chance of falling or stumbling during pregnancy. Read More

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Date Night

Are you overdo for a nice, romantic date night out with your partner? Well, you are definitely going to want to hire your babysitter the second you try on this gorgeous textured maternity dress. Designed specifically with a form-fitted body in a stretchy material, this silhouette hugs all the right curves, making you look and feel amazing throughout the entire night. The best part about a style like this is that it adjusts to your growing bump from week to week so you can continue to wear this piece throughout your entire pregnancy. Hello weekly date night! Read More

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Sneak Peek: September Look book

If you follow our Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably already seen the amazing shots of our September Look book before everyone else. A faded city against the water’s edge back drop with a gorgeous lace top pleated maternity maxi dress blowing elegantly in the wind. We’re obsessed with how this photoshoot turned out with its chic, modern look and fall inspired style. You’ll see a smooth transitional wardrobe for the stylish mother-to-be ranging from casual everyday wear to date night and special occasion.Read More

Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity
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Mixing Edgy and Feminine

Even with the brutal humidity of Kansas City, Sarah Sweeney prepares her wardrobe for the upcoming fall season in PinkBlush. She has styled the chiffon layered flare maternity top with maternity leggings, a structured jacket, and booties for the perfect cool day out. We love the versatility of a basic and when we saw these sophisticated chiffon accents, we knew it was too good to pass up. You can dress this up or down like Sarah with the right accent pieces. She took an edgy approach at 29 weeks with a leather jacket and black fringed purse. Of course, every fall wardrobe is not complete without the classic bootie or ankle boot. When you’re wearing a black bottom, styling it with a black boot will elongate your legs and give it a more dressed up look. That way, you can look just as amazing running errands during the day as you would going out for date night.Read More

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Beautiful Dreamer

Making dreams reality one style at a time. We’ve wanted to design maternity pajamas for a long time and worked with patterns, textures, and styles to create a night wear that is both flattering and comfortable for the expecting and new moms. Instead of throwing on that old beat up t shirt and leggings, we wanted to give the stylish mom something she can feel just as pretty and she looks.Read More