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International Style: Three Must Have Vacation Looks



With fall finally arriving and winter on the horizon, these brisk days and chilly nights may have you dreaming of a vacation. After all, what more do you need than travel deals and holiday time off work to motivate you to purchase those plane tickets? If an international adventure is on your to-do list this season, here’s a few go-to outfits that can help you be stylishly chic for all occasions!


A Day Dress

While it may be filled with rain, sleet and snow in certain parts of America, there are a multitude of gorgeous locations across the globe that have beautiful blue skies and 70 degree afternoons year round. For these exotic destinations, packing a fun, feminine day dress is key. Not only will they provide an effortlessly chic look but they take up almost zero space in your suitcase as well. One of our personal favorites is this floral open back dress (available in both Ivory and Black) but anything lightweight that doesn’t wrinkle easy can be a great choice as well! Perk: If you go to any warm-weather beach locations, this dress can easily double as a beach cover up! Who can say no to that?



Cute Chiffon, Lovely Lace

Sometimes, sightseeing calls for something a bit nicer than jeans and a tank. Because let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than visiting breathtaking historical locations just to pose in front of it with a basic outfit. Share the spotlight alongside all the incredible places on your itinerary with fun outfits that have a touch of lace and/or chiffon. These lightweight must-haves not only make for easy packing,  but they’re typically more breathable fabrics as well, great for reducing the amount of ‘shimmer’ you acquire during a walking tour or hike! Classic looks like this one, featuring our Beige Black Pink Printed Sheer Chiffon Blouse paired with our black lace shorts are great for warm days, while adding our navy blue and black lace accent cardigan can keep you stay comfortably cozy and chic at night!


Classic Blouses & Mesh Pencil Skirts

Finally land an awesome dinner reservation at that celebrity hotspot or have a scheduled event on your itinerary? Why not use this opportunity to dress to the nines! Our ivory mesh striped sweater top mixed with out ivory mesh striped pencil skirt pair beautifully in this lovely formal look! Both modest and figure-friendly, all eyes will be on you in this great getaway getup!


For these and additional vacation-inspired outfits as seen on Anna of Dream.Love.Shop, visit our website at ShopPinkBlush.com


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Choosing The Right Colors For Your Fall Maternity Photo Shoot

pinkblushmaternity outfits


If you’re planning on taking your maternity pictures this season, choosing the right colors for your outfit is critical. Too easily, expectant mothers focus only on an outfits silhouette; however focusing on finding a pleasing shape as well as alluring color is important to ensure your pictures are both memorable and breathtaking. With fall being a time of change full of warm/earthy tones, selecting colors that reflect this season can help showcase your look, as well as ensure that the full images appear complimentary.




Mustard is an often overlooked hue, however this shade is great for adding warm tones to your overall look and enhancing the pregnancy glow in your skin! Finding a mustard knit with delicate accents, such as our mustard lace trim maternity tunic as seen on Kara of While Camden Sleeps is a great way to stand out in a scenic image and ensure that all eyes are on you for all the right reasons!




When it comes to versatile fall colors, burgundy takes the cake. While some colors style well year round, burgundy especially shines this time of year, providing a festive, vibrant look! It’s no wonder why multiple celebrities and bloggers can be found in beautiful burgundy apparel, like our lace maternity dress as seen on Rachel of Glow of Grace and fashionista Kara of While Camden Sleeps. Burgundy apparel pairs beautifully with radiant red lips and provides a timeless look that you can enjoy reflecting back on, years down the line.



While grey is one of those colors that looks great year round, fall is the best time to be photographed in this hue, as it provides a mix of brightness to the image, as well as touch of warmth. With many blue skies starting to become overcast afternoons, grey is a great way to have your maternity photo shoot outfit compliment the background, while focusing the attention on areas where you want to direct it. Styling your photo shoot look with a black top paired with a grey crochet cardigan, like our heather crochet shoulder maternity cardigan as seen on Jessica is a great way to add a dreamy appearance that keeps all eyes on your face and bump!



Likewise, if the fall weather calls for heavier outwear, options like our ivory and black printed long maternity cardigan as seen on Irina Bond, helps provide a portion of focus on the outfit as a whole, while keeping the entire appearance focused on you! No matter how you add grey into your maternity photo shoot outfit, you’re sure to shine!






Looking for a touch of color that will make your pictures pop without drawing the attention away from you as a whole? Depending on your natural skin tone, shades of coral and orange can provide a welcoming burst of energy to your images, for a fun, fall-inspired shoot. Paired with jeggings and some neutral boots or flats, all eyes will instantly be drawn to your bump when rocking a cozy, chic look like our orange lace belted maternity tunic as seen on Arielle Elise!

Whether going for year-round staples like our grey cardigans, feeling like a vixen in  our burgundy numbers, or wanting a pop of color with our coral/neutral frocks, styling your fall maternity photo shoot outfit around these earth-tone shades can ensure you look and feel beautiful on your special day!

For these and other outfits, visit our website at PinkBlushMaternity.com

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How To Wear Ivory Dresses In The Fall

white after labor day

The fashion industry is continuously changing, altering and adapting in a revolving effort to set trends for seasons to come. It’s an industry built on taking risks, and showcasing their fearless confidence that nothing is untouchable. But for an industry known for having no rules, it’s surprising that there lays an un-discussed sacred rule that has long been kept by etiquette hard-liners: not wearing white after Labor Day.

Magazines won’t publish it, catwalks don’t showcase it, and celebrity stylists shy away from it; but why is white so intimidating? While there is no set history on why white is a big fashion faux pas, historians do speculate that the reasoning was symbolic, given that after Labor Day, American workers all wore dark clothes to their jobs, school classes etc. as they were less prone to show stains acquired throughout the day. Whatever the reasoning, those who stand firm in their beliefs that white should remain untouchable until spring, have been met with resistance from many high-fashion personalities, and although the results are often muted, showcase that white tones can be worn whenever by whomever.

While Coco Chanel is remembered for her all-black ensembles, as far back as the 1920’s she was equally as known for making white a year-round staple. Likewise, the beautiful Marion Cotillard accepted her 2008 Academy Award in a mermaid-inspired cream dress and Michelle Obama proudly danced the night away at the Inaugural Ball in a snowy floor-length gown. White always seems to gain the most praise when people aren’t expecting it, and what better time to surprise fashion critics, than during the fall.

Here are two great ivory dresses that can be worn year round:




This Ivory Pink Floral Long Sleeve Dress is a great number to add to your  wardrobe rotation, as the burgundy flowers helps add some fall colors to the look, and the long bell sleeves adds a fun touch that can keep you warm as well! Perfect for overcast days, like this spontaneous beach trip, this dress gives off delicate, feminine vibes that is a great way to brighten up your fall style. Worn alone, or paired with a fun knit scarf or a comfy cardigan, this ivory floral dress is a great wardrobe style year round.


White is a bit harder to pull off in the fall than ivory and other neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Incorporating some neutral hues into your overall look, like this stunning Olive Green Cargo Jacket is fantastic both ascetically as well as practically. Not only will you look more seasonally-stylish, but this cargo jacket has multiple pockets, and the cinched back helps show off your shape, which is a great plus! Paired with some chic ankle boots or a fun hat and scarf is a great way to be fall-fashionable in this fun number.

When it comes to white, feel free to wear it year round! Paired seasonally, white hues are a fantastic way to brighten up your all-around look, showcase your statement pieces and provide a welcoming change from the otherwise plethora of dark hue styles. White speaks confidence, and you should feel beautiful in either of these two looks! To browse this and Pink Blush’s other seasonal styles, check out all of their must-have outfits here: http://shoppinkblush.com/c-114-looks-we-love.aspx

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Versatile Everyday Maternity Wear

When it comes to pregnancy, having comfortable, affordable and chic clothing is key. All expectant mothers deserve to look and feel their best during such a beautiful period of life, and in order to do so, versatile clothes are required. Whether running errands, taking older children for a stroll, or simply taking it easy at home, maternity clothes should be equally fun as functional. Here are four easy-to-grab maternity styles that are perfectly functional this fall:

15238429919_df4f812011_b15238500138_0fdb06d880_zpink blush maternity15402042266_f0be59bb86_z15402043216_80d807ec08_z15424753412_5679f04058_z15402045396_de7f2cbf6a_z15402044846_26c2fc4488_z15425097595_f753406748_z

3/4th sleeved wide striped tops and tunics are perfect wardrobe staples this season. Not only do they flatter a variety of body shapes, but they’re extremely versatile due to how easily they pair with just about anything in your closet. This black charcoal striped dress for example, pairs excellent with our grey fleece-lined maternity leggings, but also goes well when matched with black maternity pants or leggings. Add a red or burgundy scarf, or perhaps a black blazer and you can easily switch up this look from grocery-store chic to date night ready apparel. Since all of our striped tanks, tops and tunics are made with care, you can rest assured that these tops are perfect for staying comfortable throughout your day, even if you have baby-to-be’s two older siblings surrounding you that need taking care of. By finding a length that works for you, this style can be your fall-wardrobe essential all season long.



Whether cleaning, relaxing, or playing with little ones, your home apparel should be the most comfortable. Tunics, like this navy blue and beige polka dot number, are a great way to look fashionable while feeling lounge-friendly. With this tunic made from 75% cotton, when paired with our fleece-lined leggings or a comfy pair of blue jeans, this look can be worn just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make your almost-daily outfit rotation at home.


Tribal prints are a huge trend this season, but expect this fall-staple to still be in style come spring! Tribal is a fun way to add some pop of color to your wardrobe, without requiring much effort. Perfect for those days when you want to throw something on, options like this burgundy tribal print sash tie top are a great way to look stylish, even when taking the kids for a walk! The added sash below the bust, is great for showing off your figure, and looking extra feminine.



Bohemian shirts are another style this fall that are selling quickly – and for good reason! Tops like our ivory and navy blue bohemian are extremely comfortable, and due to having a little extra fabric, they’re perfect for days when you just want to lounge. Whether reading books to the kids at home, or going in for a day at the office, bohemian shirts are great for looking put-together without much effort at all. Look for this style especially, with fun little accents, such as beads, or embroidery, to give your top a little kick.


For these and additional fall must-have wardrobe staples, check out www.PinkBlushMaternity.com!

Huge thank you to lifestyle blogger, Shelby of BrandonandShelby.com for rocking our fall fashion styles during her pregnancy.


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Three Feminine Fall Looks

Fall is great for a lot of reasons: the cooling-down weather, a multitude of holidays, pumpkin-spice everything etc. The list goes on and on; but if you really ask women what they’re most excited about with fall, they’re most likely to answer: fall fashion!

What’s great about fall fashion, is the ability to layer super cute pieces for fun, feminine looks. Everything from scarves to leggings and even flappy-hats is recommended, and while summer looks are fun, fall allows you spice up your look just that little bit more for that classic structured style.

While fall has an unlimited amount of lovely looks, here are three styles we’re especially loving this season, as worn by TippeeCanoe:




This fall look is so easy to pull off, yet it’s one that we’ve been gaining some of the most compliments about over on our Instagram. Starting with our ivory rose tank, this top is a great year-round staple that is both comfortable & chic! The key to rocking a bright floral top is by pairing it smart, like with our grey maxi cardigan. Adding in some of the most comfortable fleece leggings, and you have a classic, simplistically-chic look to rock all season!



Animal print is always in style, but even more so during the fall! This super cute dolman sweater top is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe with the neutral colors that still pop, and the great length. Paired with fleece leggings, and you have a fun, flirty, fall look that can be worn for just about any occasion on your social itinerary!



This grey and black tribal print cardigan is a MUST for fall. Super comfortable, affordable and chic, it’s the ultimate must-have sweater this season. While it can be paired with just about everything, our pale pink embroidered tank top adds a bit of color to brighten up the otherwise dark hue look, when matched with leggings or your favorite pair of black jeans.

When it comes to fall, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable sweater and fun accessories! Hope this post inspired your seasonal style, and feel free to chime off in the comments with your favorite fall staple!




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How To Stylishly Layer For Fall

Hi Blushettes! My name is Jalynn and I’m so excited to be your guest contributing fashion blogger this week, sharing my tips on how to style your summer favorites into fall must-haves!

I’m a firm believer in layering, and on my blog, The Red Closet Diary, I’m constantly figuring out new ways to add personality to my outfits by layering with items that I love. Not only does layering look adorable, but it can help you stay nice and cozy when the weather gets chilly. With a few of my favorite layering pieces being cardigans, scarves and leggings here are some ways you can refresh your fall wardrobe in a chic way!

rcd6Shop Pink Blush Blog Post, The Red Closet DIary 17

What’s great about layering, is you can mix and match seasonal clothing for a look that’s very current. For this outfit, I paired a high-low dress with a summer sweater underneath and this adorable floral scarf for a bright and fresh, yet autumn-inspired look! Styles like this you can wear multiple ways, for example, wearing the sweater over the dress, like 20’s Girl Style did, and wrapping a belt around the smallest part of your waist for definition. The options truly are endless, and is why you’ll always find myself and other fashion bloggers rocking this look.

rcd1Shop Pink Blush Blog Post, The Red Closet DIary 4rcd2

Another way to stylishly layer this fall, is by simply learning and applying balance. If you’re going to add a vest and accessories like I did with this outfit, you’ll want to  balance the extra bulk by pairing your look with something minimal, like these fleece leggings for example. Doing so allows you to stay warm without needing to to add too much excess fabric to your style. Likewise, layering with vests is a great way to tone down any loud prints you may be rocking, and focus other’s attentions to the middle part off your body, instead of widest. Adding a blazer, vest, or cardigan can be a great way to be stylish, figure-friendly and fall ready!


This third outfit is my absolute favorite! Aztec patterns were huge this summer but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in last season. Pairing bright colors with neutrals like this cream crochet cardigan and brown leather belt is a great way to provide more Autumn-inspiration, while a fun scarf like this crochet red number can balance the color in your look and focus other’s attention on the fall accessory rather than the dress. Looks like this are effortless, super comfortable and of course practical for anywhere on your fall agenda.

By seeing first hand how you can transform your summer staples into fall favorites, I hope you can have fun experimenting with layering this season! For these and other fall must-haves, visit www.ShopPinkBlush.com! 


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How To Transition Your Favorite Dresses Into Fall-Ready Outfits

I love dresses. I will choose to wear a dress over any other type of clothing 90% of the time! But as summer starts to fade and the days get cooler, it’s harder to throw on some of your summer favorites and head out the door. Layering up this time of year is an absolute must as you never know what kind of weather you are going to be met with! But as the summer sun and the fall chill duke it out, you need to make sure you are layering in light layers that can be easily taken off or put back on!

Here are 3 ways that I transition my favorite dresses into the fall!

cute floral dress fall IMG_0339pinkblush2

Look 1

I love anything printed, especially a good floral print. It’s a perfect print to transition into the fall! I am especially in love with this floral dress! The flattering fit and fun sleeves definitely make it a must have! One of my favorite ways to layer up a printed dress is with a cardigan. Lately, I am loving longer cardigans and this cream option is the perfect summer to fall piece, as it is light and breathable for those warmer fall days! To put a boho spin on it all, I added a maroon floppy hat!


Look 2

Putting a sweater over the top of a dress can automatically change up your entire look! My favorite way to go about this is by making a small knot in the front of the sweater to add a bit of dimension and definition. Finish it off with a statement necklace and you are good to go! This sheer, long sleeve dress paired with this light-weight mocha long sleeve sweater is the perfect combo for those iffy fall days when the temperature is cool but not cold.



Look 3

I love bright, fun prints in the summer! Dresses like this vibrant chevron option are too cute to leave in the closet all fall and winter! Transitioning those pieces to fall is easy with a utility jacket or vest, which is so on trend for this fall! Darker hues like olive, black or brown help to tone down the bright print and make it more fall appropriate!

The great thing about all three of these looks is that they can easily transition into winter with a pair of leggings or thick tights and riding boots! There are so many possibilities, which is great for styling outfits in a variety of ways to always look ‘new’. To view these and the rest of the fall-ready dresses, visit  ShopPinkBlush.com to find your new favorites!


This post was written by our fabulous guest fashion blogger Ashley from Twenties Girl Style. For more fashion, shopping and trend advice, make sure to visit her website at TwentiesGirlStyle.com!

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Labor Day has passed and New York Fashion Week is in full swing…it’s safe to say that fall is officially upon us. Although I enjoy the wanderlust of fall, summer truly has my heart. Barbeques, beach trips, produce stands, fresh flowers and most importantly, colorful clothing. Well, if you are a lover of summer and all of its awesomeness, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be over quite yet. You can extend summer by simply transitioning your summer pastels and prints into fall! I know, I know…easier said than done. So, in hopes of simplifying this process for you, I am going to show you how I’ll be transitioning a few of my favorite summer pastels and prints from Pink Blush into fall.

LOOK 1: Crochet Tank Top & Paisley Scarf

First things first…fashion isn’t about rules! It’s about self-expression thru style! As a style blogger and stylist, I feel that women often forget that, which limits their ability to be expressive in their clothing! Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk crochet, paisley and pastels. There are tons, tons and tons of people who believe that pastels should only be worn in spring, that crochet tops are only for the cool hipsters at Coachella and that paisley prints are for grannies. Well, it is with great delight that I share that all of those notions are incorrect. However, I will say that styling these items requires careful attention to detail, as you want to make sure these pieces are balanced and proportionate to the “look” you are creating.

IMAGE 2outfit1collagewideIMAGE 3

For me, styling this particular ensemble was about extending wear-ability. I began with my foundational pieces, the pastel crochet tank and paisley scarf. Those soft colors led me to an ashy gray denim that really enhanced the textures and colors of the top and scarf, allowing them to remain the FOCAL pieces of the look. To ensure the ensemble included a fall-esque feel, I simply accessorized with fall textures (i.e. a wool floppy hat and suede peep toe heels). And for the final touches, I added the beige maxi cardigan and tan clutch! This is a great look for Saturday brunch with the girls or a quick run to the market to pick up fresh flowers.

Top // Scarf // Cardigan

LOOK 2: Abstract Floral Print Kimono


In hopes of making this beautifully bright, floral kimono fall appropriate, I took a moment to really examine the colors in the print. My eyes were immediately drawn to the purple and magenta hues, which led me to the immediate decision of wearing a dark lip color. Add a dark lip and it immediately changes the nature of a look! From there I added a faux leather eggplant pant and suede booties. Again, texture is extremely important when creating a trans-seasonal look. For completion, I added an olive green top to make it even more fall-esque, as well as gold accessories and a nude clutch accented with gold. This ensemble is perfect for a casual date night or dinner with friends!

And for those of you who don’t think the kimono trend is for you, I’m here to tell you it is! There are sooooo many amazing choices. It’s just a matter of finding one that suits your personal style! So, if you are in kimono dismay, keep searching! I have faith that you’ll find the one : )

Kimono // Top (Similar) //

LOOK 3: Bird Print Dress

IMAGE 8collage3wideIMAGE 11

I love when fashion magic happens. Upon making the decision to transition this dress into fall, I knew that I would have to include fall colors. The bird print perfectly guided me to cognac brown and cypress/military green (2 of the top 10 fall 2014 colors), which simplified the styling process as I then went to my “go-to pieces” in those colors! To create more fall depth, I added the dark lip color again, which beautifully enhances the richness of the yellow and the print! A great look for those fall days when it’s breezy in the AM, yet hot around midday.

Dress // Jacket (Similar)

And there you have it…a few ways how I’ll be transitioning my favorite summer pastels and prints from Pink Blush, into fall. Keep in mind that summer-to-fall wardrobe transitions require layering, the use of various textures/textiles, season appropriate colors, the occasional dark lip and an open mind! Happy Fall and Happy Styling!


This post was written by our Pink Blush contributing guest fashion blogger, Candace from Live, Love & Read; a premiere lifestyle blog focusing on everything art, fashion and entertainment. To view more from Candace, visit her website at LiveLoveAndRead.com and a big thank you to Kimberly J Photography for beautifully capturing these images. 

How To

How To Dress Nautical

Pink Blush Nautical Wear Dress

Summer weather is in full swing which means time on and at the lake is a must. A favorite pastime of mine is boating; whether that be sailboating or speed boating there is something peaceful and lovely about watching the water glisten as it skims the side of the boat and enjoying a sea breeze as it touches your skin at 20 knots. Boating can be a fun outing to dress up some of your favorite nautical attire! Navy, white and neutral colors provide you with simple and versatile options – ready to mix and match in a moments notice, giving you a classy, yet fun and relaxed look!

3nautical cute dresscute nautical dress boat attire67


Look #1: Navy Blue Sleeve Dress

This 3/4 sleeve shirt dress a wonderful option for a day or evening boat ride. Dress it up or down with wedge heels or flats and some fun jewelry of choice. It’s breathable and flexible material provides long lasting comfort and coolness in the summer sun. The length of the dress allows you to wear it with bare legs or white capri pants!


Look #2: Striped Tank

Tank tops are always an easy and cool go to for lake outings. Another item that can be dressed up or down, this tank and its stripes provide a nautical look that isn’t over powering. Wear it with capri pants or jean shorts for an effortless look. Add a touch of personal style with a necklace of choice or some fun bracelets!


Look #3: Blue Linen Shorts

Shorts are always a casual way to make a day on the lake relaxing and enjoyable. Wearing a pair of blue linen shorts with a pair of your favorite sneakers and a cozy top pull together this wonderful style. Pair this casual attire with some of your favorite accessories and voila, your ready to set sail! Bon Voyage!

To find more pieces to mix and match for your next boat outing, be sure to check out all of the offerings at ShopPinkBlush.com
*This post was written by our wonderfully talented contributing guest fashion blogger, Samantha Elizabeth. Providing unique, quality pieces on life, health, beauty and fashion, Samantha is definitely a blogger worth bookmarking!


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Fall Transitional Wear: Colorblock Maxi Dress

Fall has so many great styles worth stocking up on, but that doesn’t mean your summer wardrobe has to gather dust in your closet. To find out the best ways to transition warm weather styles into cold weather chic looks, we employed the help of our contributing guest fashion bloggers, Tara Gibson from Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes as well as Kate from The Love of Fancy to show us how it’s done in style, using our pleated color block maxi dress for inspiration!


flattering cute maxi dress

Living in Texas, the weather is beautiful year-round, so all it takes for Kate to make this look fall fashion ready, is simply relying on the right accessories! Headwear  is huge this season, and what better shade to match this white and navy dress than a burgundy frumpy hat! Black hats along with dark colored headbands could also provide a great contrast to this look, but we’re loving how the burgundy from her hat coordinates with her watch as well!



For Tara, going with neutral, earth tones was her favorite way to compliment the white and blush pink maxi dress. Lighter colors tend to be associated with spring and summer by default, so in order to translate the clothes into fall fashion statements, coordinating colors can help make the look appear more fluent.


Pairing the blush maxi dress with a fun cargo jacket and statement necklaces, pulls this look together for an easy, casual look! If a more upscale daytime look is what you’re looking for, adding a fun jeweled belt where the colors meet can showcase your curves and make the dress fit you to a T! Likewise, if you’re going with the jeweled accent belt, a fun headband and gold bracelets can keep the attention on you and look elegant chic!

cute maxi dresses for fall

With so many colors to choose from, this color block maxi dress is versatile and can be fashion forward for all seasons! Available in mint green, navy, black and pink blush, this maxi is a must have!