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Fall Transitional Wear: Colorblock Maxi Dress

Fall has so many great styles worth stocking up on, but that doesn’t mean your summer wardrobe has to gather dust in your closet. To find out the best ways to transition warm weather styles into cold weather chic looks, we employed the help of our contributing guest fashion bloggers, Tara Gibson from Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes as well as Kate from The Love of Fancy to show us how it’s done in style, using our pleated color block maxi dress for inspiration!


flattering cute maxi dress

Living in Texas, the weather is beautiful year-round, so all it takes for Kate to make this look fall fashion ready, is simply relying on the right accessories! Headwear  is huge this season, and what better shade to match this white and navy dress than a burgundy frumpy hat! Black hats along with dark colored headbands could also provide a great contrast to this look, but we’re loving how the burgundy from her hat coordinates with her watch as well!



For Tara, going with neutral, earth tones was her favorite way to compliment the white and blush pink maxi dress. Lighter colors tend to be associated with spring and summer by default, so in order to translate the clothes into fall fashion statements, coordinating colors can help make the look appear more fluent.


Pairing the blush maxi dress with a fun cargo jacket and statement necklaces, pulls this look together for an easy, casual look! If a more upscale daytime look is what you’re looking for, adding a fun jeweled belt where the colors meet can showcase your curves and make the dress fit you to a T! Likewise, if you’re going with the jeweled accent belt, a fun headband and gold bracelets can keep the attention on you and look elegant chic!

cute maxi dresses for fall

With so many colors to choose from, this color block maxi dress is versatile and can be fashion forward for all seasons! Available in mint green, navy, black and pink blush, this maxi is a must have!



How To Wear Floral In The Fall

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I’m the writer of Afternoon Style, a fashion and lifestyle blog. I’m so thrilled to be a Pink Blush contributing fashion blogger and share with you some of my favorite ways to wear floral this fall! Floral prints have been big for the last few years and I don’t see that trend disappearing any time soon; it’s a timeless and classy trend that can be worn in so many versatile ways.

I love all the different options that Pink Blush has to offer for this trend- they have plenty of tops, bottoms, and accessories that are floral and can be mixed and matched with any wardrobe!


shop pink blush cute floral fall top
This pink floral printed chiffon blouse is an item that can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s loose fitting and very light-weight which makes it a perfect transitional top heading into fall. Because it is loose-fitting, I decided to keep it a more casual/simple look. I paired it with boyfriend jeans, stilletos, and a top knot bun.


cute floral tops for fall

This embroidered blouse is gorgeous and I love the details of the flowers. Embroidery has been very in this summer and I think that floral embroidered patterns are very elegant and feminine. They say a lot on their own, so I feel that they can be paired with simple items in an outfit. I wore this blouse with skinny jeans, matching heels, and a simple small purse to keep the focus on the detail of the shirt. This shirt appears to be sold out, but this tank and thisdress are similar and beautiful embroidered options.


cute fall scarves cute floral scarves winter apparel

Another great way to wear floral is through accessories. Scarves are one of my all-time favorite ways to incorporate different trends. This one is light and airy so it can be worn in pretty much any season! The pattern on this scarf is paisley- it’s not the typical floral pattern which may be why I love it so much! This is a regular scarf, but I absolutely love tying my scarves into infinity scarves. Many times when I wear a scarf, I just want to throw it on a basic t-shirt and call it good. However, floral is [in my opinion] the best print to mix with contrasting patterns.Therefore, I wore it with this pale striped shirt. Next time you’re wearing a floral scarf, try mixing it with a striped, polka-dot, or even a plaid shirt! Be sure to check out this floral scarf and this paisley dress from Pink Blush!


What are the ways that you like to wear floral? Share your favorite items in the comments!
Thanks so much for reading and be sure to stop by www.afternoonstyle.com to see more floral inspired outfits!


What To Wear

What To Wear To Your Maternity Photo Shoot

When it comes to maternity photo shoots, many mothers-to-be focus on finding the right location and photographer; but an equally important factor that should be given special consideration is what you’ll be wearing for the memorable event. Choosing an outfit or two that makes you feel comfortable and confident is essential in preparing for your maternity photo shoot, as the most stunning images radiate from an expectant mother who feels beautiful from the inside out. While there may be a gorgeous location captured on the best camera available, maternity photos will always look their best when the mother-to-be feels at-peace and assured with herself. In order to decide which outfits will work best for your maternity photo shoot, take these following tips into consideration:

Time/Comfort: Since the main reason you’ll be taking maternity pictures is to showcase your ‘bump,’ it’s important to plan your outfits based on how far along you are. Most photographers suggest taking pictures around the 30 week mark, as that’s typically the time when your belly will ‘pop’ and become more evenly round, yet also before it becomes too heavy. Since every pregnancy and pregnant belly is different, it’s important to use your body as a guide for when you not only want your belly to look its best, but also when you’ll have the energy to hold different positions for lengths of time as well. If you’ll be taking maternity pictures around 27-30 weeks, form-fitting clothes can be a great bet, as they will hug your curves and showcase your growing belly from all angles. Having a tight tunic or long shirt, either alone or when paired with a cardigan like the outfit featured above can be a great way to stay covered and hide any curves you don’t want featured, while keeping the focus on your bump.

cute maternity clothes
Photo shoots taken around 30-34 weeks can enjoy tight clothes as well, similar to the 3/4ths sleeve chevron blouse featured above but can also greatly take advantage of looser fitting clothing as well. While oversized tunics or A-line silhouettes could ‘hide’ the belly in earlier shoots, this is an ideal time to showcase your pregnancy, while keeping the focus on you as a whole.

Classic A-line blouses such as the one featured above, along with tunics and maxi dresses with a cinched waist can be a great way to keep the focus on your baby bump in a way that cascades over your curves and can provide the comfort you may desire as you draw further into your pregnancy. cute maternity sweaters Weather: Weather can be a tricky thing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for it. Always pack a few extra looks in case your sunset scenic shots end up becoming a bit chillier than you expected, or a change of blouses if you find yourself sweating on an abnormally warm day. Creating a check list of the different outfits you’d like to wear depending on the weather can help you to add some selection to your shoot, and help you feel in control if temperatures change. cute maternity maxi dresses Style of Shoot: Are you planning on showcasing your pregnancy fully clothed, or do you want some images with a bare baby bump exposed? Asking yourself these and other questions can help you decide the overall style of your maternity photo shoot and what pieces of clothing will work best for your session. While maxi dresses like our mocha cowl neck dress featured above are great for showcasing all of your maternity curves, it is not able to lift as easily (or modestly) for a bare baby bump shot. Keeping in mind what types of images you’d like to have as keepsakes of this time of your life can help you decide what to wear, as well as how many looks to wear. By considering all aspects of your maternity photo shoot, you can best plan on how to dress and what to pack just in case. For a full list of maternity options that are great for all mother-to-be photo shoots, visit the ‘look’ section of our website here.