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Three Ways To Style Lace Dresses

We here at PinkBlush Maternity are huge fans of anything lace, and this light pink lace maternity dress is no exception. It’s easy to find yourself purchasing a few of these dresses for your springtime wardrobe, as they’re incredibly versatile and adaptable for all occasions. With this pink lace belted maternity dress being an amazing springtime style staple, here are three simple ways you can dress up this fun frock for anything on your upcoming social calendar 🙂

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Dressed Up:
It’s great having a go-to outfit ready in your closet for any dress-up worthy occasions that may arise, and this lace dress is the perfect selection this season. Since lace looks fancy all on its own, it doesn’t require much work from the rest of the pieces. When paired with a nude cross-body and heels, you can keep it effortlessly chic! Adding a statement necklace can provide the perfect bit of glam while if you’re going for an extremely dressy look, you can always add a structured blazer or jacket as well!
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Dressed Down:
As much as it’s fun dressing up, many of us pregnant ladies are casual girls at heart. Lace dresses make the perfect daytime attire when paired with the right accessories. With a light cardigan, some fun sandals, and a go-to neutral handbag, you can build a perfect outfit for being out and about running errands or grabbing a tea with some girlfriends.
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Layering your look can always be a great idea as it can add dimension, texture, and of course warmth- when needed. A basic chambray is the perfect item to layer over a lace dress in the spring and it adds a bit of color! For some added texture, add your favorite faux leather wedges and you’ve got the perfect layered outfit for spring!
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