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Sneak Peek: September Look book

If you follow our Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably already seen the amazing shots of our September Look book before everyone else. A faded city against the water’s edge back drop with a gorgeous lace top pleated maternity maxi dress blowing elegantly in the wind. We’re obsessed with how this photoshoot turned out with its chic, modern look and fall inspired style. You’ll see a smooth transitional wardrobe for the stylish mother-to-be ranging from casual everyday wear to date night and special occasion.


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Mixing Edgy and Feminine

Even with the brutal humidity of Kansas City, Sarah Sweeney prepares her wardrobe for the upcoming fall season in PinkBlush. She has styled the chiffon layered flare maternity top with maternity leggings, a structured jacket, and booties for the perfect cool day out. We love the versatility of a basic and when we saw these sophisticated chiffon accents, we knew it was too good to pass up. You can dress this up or down like Sarah with the right accent pieces. She took an edgy approach at 29 weeks with a leather jacket and black fringed purse. Of course, every fall wardrobe is not complete without the classic bootie or ankle boot. When you’re wearing a black bottom, styling it with a black boot will elongate your legs and give it a more dressed up look. That way, you can look just as amazing running errands during the day as you would going out for date night.


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Best Foot Forward

Life is short, buy the shoes. A Pinterest quote had never been so true. We stand there for too long, eyeing those one pair of shoes that we convince ourselves we have to have. We put them on, walk around, check them out in the mirror, start picturing all of the outfits we can wear them with and we debate pros and cons in our minds. After our shopping partners grow restless, we ultimately decide that we’ll come back for them later, and if they are still there, it’s meant to be, and we buy them. But, all too often, we go back to our online shopping cart or the store and find that they are actually gone and they are now living in someone else’s closet. Those fall booties, those date night heels, or the summer sandal of our dreams has been taken right out from under us and we promise to ourselves that it won’t happen again.

Now you can keep that promise. At PinkBlush, we’ve been cultivating a collection of stylish and comfortable footwear that the expecting mother can feel confident wearing from morning to night with affordable prices that won’t make you second guess. We all know how hard it is to stand for long periods of time when pregnant, especially as the months go by. Your baby grows, the bump gets heavier, and the pressure on your back and leg muscles causes soreness to no end. When we can’t kick up our feet on the couch and relax with our feet elevated, we’re running around with errands, work, or chores. In those times, you’ll need shoes with a padded sole and support…and style doesn’t hurt either 😉


That’s where we come in. With everything from sandals and flats to booties and heels, you can come to the site for a one stop shop for every season. We offer prints and colors of every kind, aimed to each fashionista’s style. If you want a bold floral or neon sandal, it’s here. If you’re a city-chic modern mother and want to find the PERFECT fall bootie, those are here too! Now, you don’t have to bend over and break into a full blown sweat just to squeeze your foot into those tall boots and booties. A zip closure side or back allows for easy on and off wear. It’s almost too easy to look stylish these days.

So go ahead, secure those ankle boots you’ve been eyeing in your shopping cart so that you can rock them this fall. Check in for daily new arrivals in stylish maternity clothes and often for new accessories and shoes! Put your best foot forward this season in PinkBlush!

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Beautiful Dreamer


Making dreams reality one style at a time. We’ve wanted to design maternity pajamas for a long time and worked with patterns, textures, and styles to create a night wear that is both flattering and comfortable for the expecting and new moms. Instead of throwing on that old beat up t shirt and leggings, we wanted to give the stylish mom something she can feel just as pretty and she looks.

We took the softest fabric we could feel and designed a yoga style pajama pant with lace trim details to give your night attire a feminine touch. Just like the maternity yoga pants, these maternity pajama pants have a mid-belly waistband that stretches to accommodate your growing bump so that you can wear these beauties during and after your pregnancy.

Then, with the maternity pajama top, we wanted something that had coverage and comfort but was able to be worn post baby. Its draped v-neckline allows this to happen. Simply pull down one side for easy nursing after your baby is born. We’re going crazy for these styles and colors that we may just get them in every shade. The best part is, you get to mix and match your sets since each top and bottom is sold separately!


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Weekly Wish List

It’s hard to scroll through the new arrivals and not find something we have to have. With basic maternity sweaters to maternity dresses coming out daily, we find ourselves filling the entire online shopping cart within the first page of new things. We’ve decided that as we get closer to fall and the cooler months, we ought to start building our wardrobe of heavy knits and warm layers before it’s too late. At PinkBlush, we want to equip each expecting mother with stylish pieces that they can feel comfortable and warm in without sacrificing their style all at once. This is where basics come in. They can adapt to every individual lifestyle while keeping up with the latest trends. You can easily throw on a printed layer or playful scarf to give any look some texture or added flair without the commitment. These pieces are the perfect layering essential as the days grow cold.3

Along with basics comes your striped essentials. This classic and timeless print shows up in it all from maternity tunics to maternity maxi skirts. It continues to prove that stripes are here to stay because of their always flattering, versatile, and chic design. This week’s go-to is the striped maternity tunic. It’s incredibly soft and comes with a sash tie detail that lays perfectly above the belly to show it off week to week while giving shape to your figure. 


Head to the new arrivals for daily additions in fall essentials. Start stocking up on knits and jeans before it’s too late!

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Dress Up Your Maternity Leggings

Some (most) days, nothing sounds better than putting on a nice pair of comfortable leggings. We know the feeling all too well. You wake up, it’s cold outside, your back is sore, and you don’t feel like wiggling into a pair of maternity jeans. This is why fall is one of our favorite seasons. You can get away with wearing maternity leggings as pants and still feel warm enough to go outside because temperatures haven’t dropped to freezing. We get away with wearing leggings every day when we style them with a longer maternity tunic or maternity top. Our favorite way to finish off this effortlessly chic look is with a tall boot or ankle booties. It gives you that fall feel without putting in any effort.


If you’re still in those warmer weather areas but still want to rock your leggings on a cooler day, go out with a sporty chic look with sneakers and a comfortable lightweight maternity cardigan over your maternity tank top. A simple everyday look like this will get you from place to place with style without sacrificing your comfort. We love this for running errands or those days where you feel like you’re always on-the-go.


Throughout your pregnancy and especially during the last trimester, it’s important to stay comfortable and not put too much stress or pressure on your back and legs which can be done with jeans. Choose maternity leggings in any color to give your wardrobe some pops of color while giving your legs a break. These double as perfect lounge or maternity active wear which makes them our favorite maternity essential.

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Fringed Favorites


As excited we were for deep shades of burgundy, olive, browns, and greys, we must say, one of the things we are most excited about this fall season is fringe. It’s always been a bold texture commonly seen on purses, but now makes its appearance in so many styles from jewelry to shoes to even clothes.  It’s a stylish, simple way of giving dimension and character to your ensemble. Plus, it’s fun to play with!

A fun layer that we are incorporating into our fall wardrobes this year is the fringe trim knit maternity cardigans. Of course, we adore that soft, thick knit material to keep warm but with an asymmetrical hemline and long fringe detailing, we get a bit of bohemian flair to transform our fall basics into something beautiful. We’ve styled these versatile pieces with solid booties and maternity skinny jean and it took seconds for a gorgeous fall ensemble to come together.


If you don’t want to dive right into this bold trend, start with smaller fringe accents like a statement necklace or fringe detail on your shoes. That way, you still get the fun playful movement without making it front and center.


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Moving Into Fall

It may feel like the dead of summer with this heat wave in California, having us in maternity shorts and tanks tops every day with the AC blasting, but soon enough, we will have to start filling our closets with layers upon layers to keep warm. For now, we are looking for ways to beat the heat in style and saw how Bethann from Beth Animal Print styled her maternity dress with a lightweight maternity cardigan for a comfortably chic night out.

If you want to wear your breezy and beautiful maternity dresses for as long as possible like we do, the key is layering. Throwing on a light maternity cardigan or structured jean jacket allows you to wear that dress day and night. Bring along your layer in your purse or around your waist when the sun is out and drape it casually over your shoulder for some cover from the cool night breeze. We love the gold accents and sandals Bethann paired with her printed kimono. It is the perfect piece to turn this basic maternity dress into a date night look. All you need is some sparkle, a heel, and a bold lip and you’re already ready for a night out!





Next date night, we are taking note and styling our basic chiffon maternity dress with a playful printed maternity kimono. This weather does have its perks sometimes. We are taking advantage of this warmer weather to transition using our favorite summer styles and combining them with the best of the fall essentials. 

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Recently Restocked

We’ve restocked these maternity favorites for a reason. Our must have pieces are designed with comfort and style, ensuring every mom-to-be has a wardrobe filled with flattering maternity clothes you can look and feel amazing in throughout the entire pregnancy. Your body goes though many changes during these nine months and it’s important to us that your transition is as smooth and stylish as possible. These specific styles are the most popular fall and transitional looks that are loved by all.

As fall nears, we’ve restocked more of the seasonal styles with longer sleeves and darker shades so your wardrobe can move through the seasons effortlessly. For every lifestyle, working mom to active living, new arrivals are released daily with some of the most popular designs back in stock. We’ve made sure to include a variety of styles, patterns, and silhouettes so that every mom-to-be has plenty of unique looks to choose from to create the ultimate maternity wardrobe.

Solid basics for a modern chic mom who loves to mix and match and get the most out of this essential. We’ve restocked the ever so stylish chiffon maternity blouse for business and special occasions and the cowl neck maternity maxi dress to be your go-to dress as the weather cools down. Any wardrobe is incomplete without basics and this includes the always chic maxi dress.


Pattern plays a huge roll this fall season, showing up in colorblocks, tribals, and animal prints. It is one of the easiest things to pull off during cooler days and looks amazing when layered. Maternity knit tops and fitted sweaters with bold prints make a statement without even having to put in any effort. They stand on their own as you walk out into the world, showing off your unique style. We’ve restocked the looks that everyone is going crazy for this season.

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Casual Maternity Street Style

Summer is over and with that, so is resting and relaxing. Schedules start to fill up with school functions, sports practices, and holidays one after the next. These months pass by us in a blink of an eye and from the end of August until winter break, you’re on the go at all times. Whether it be running errands, driving the kids from one thing to the next, or preparing for the new baby on the way, you are always moving. At PinkBlush, we can relate to the constant moving around and created specific pieces to keep you comfortable as you run from place to place without having you sacrifice your style at the same time.  From maternity cardigans with lightweight, free flowing styles and incredibly soft material to stretchy, form fitted basics to mix and match freely, you can have a collection of stylish maternity clothes that you can throw on in the short amount of time you have and look amazing.


The secret to these looks lies in the details. Take the simple striped maternity top, for example. A classic, timeless print can be easily paired with another print for a playful look but these have intricate detailing of lace and crochet so that it stands apart all on its own. No accessorizing needed. This is perfect for the moms who like to keep it simple.

No matter what top you choose to wear that day, you can never go wrong styling it with a basic maternity skinny jean. Jeans are versatile, casual, and when it has the elastic waistband, comfortable. Once you’ve put together a look you can feel confident in, the shoes can be the finishing touch that brings your outfit together. A basic tennis shoe says sporty while solid ankle boots scream chic. Adjust your look from one to the next with these versatile styles.