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Dreamy Denim Inspired Looks

We are loving denim this season! What’s not to love about it? It’s versatile, comfortable, and goes with just about anything. While you might cringe at the sound of wearing denim while you’re pregnant, we’ve come up with the perfect compromise for incorporating denim into your closet as a transitioning mom. We’re here to make sure you don’t sacrifice style for comfort, so we’ve dreamed up our top day to night maternity denim looks from just relaxing at home to date night.  No matter how you choose to wear your favorite denim pieces, check out these looks we’ve put together for your weekly maternity fashion inspiration:


Down Time

One of our personal favorite times of the day is down time. There’s nothing like taking off your rigid work clothes and changing into something warm and comfortable, especially during the cold weather. We wanted to glam up your ordinary lounge wear by pairing distressed jeans with a big cozy maternity sweater and thigh-high socks to keep your feet warm. A basic distressed maternity jean jazzes up your outfit by keeping it casual while adding a dash of subtle detail to your look.  Now that you’re settled into your cozy outfit, grab a magazine or your favorite book to help you unwind.


Date Night

Date night is made easy with a great pair of denim bootcut maternity jeans.  We love this cut as it is easy to wear over your favorite boots and creates a flattering leg shape.  Style a bootcut jean with a printed maternity tunic and a structured maternity blazer for an ultra chic look.  Whether you’re having dinner with your SO or a night out with the girls, this outfit is perfect for any date night occasion. This look is so simple that you only need a couple of basic accessories like a long layered necklace to complete your outfit.


Friday Afternoon

It’s been a long week at the office and you’ve been dying to get out and about, so throw on your favorite cuffed maternity jeans and a textured maternity top with some staple accessories for a perfect Friday night look. Cuffed maternity jeans will keep you comfortable and are easy to wear with ankle boots. Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down, denim maternity jeans are going to become your best friend this season. To complete your stylish ensemble, you can add a floppy hat and a statement necklace with an oversized bag for those perfect finishing touches.


A Walk in the Park

For our last denim inspired outfit, we’re rocking a denim button up maternity tunic with maternity leggings and long boots for a casual-cute outfit. This cozy look is perfect if for taking a walk in the park or getting some fresh air. You can dress this denim maternity tunic up with a statement necklace and ankle boots or down with a printed scarf. This staple maternity tunic has endless possibilities to pair with, which is why we love having denim in our closet. No matter how you choose to wear your favorite denim maternity pieces, get inspired and create your own fabulous denim inspired looks-we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Breaking Down Business Casual


Dressing for business attire can be tricky, especially when you’re a working, transitioning mom that wants to stay comfortable. We’re breaking down business casual for the career mom to give you comfort and style in every look you strut out the door, and into the workplace. You can still wear all your favorite maternity items, just find the ones that are appropriate for your line of work! While some moms work at home and others in an office, it’s still important to wear pieces that make you feel confident, determined, and put together.  We’ve created some business casual maternity looks to inspire you to be the best working mom you can be, whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a mom out in the workplace.


Chiffon Dress & Structured Blazer

We absolutely love this look, it’s simple, easy, and oh-so-stylish! A solid chiffon maternity dress in a neutral color makes it easy to layer on accessories and other pieces. A structured maternity blazer and black heels give this look a professional touch, while a long layered necklace and clutch make this the perfect day to night look. If you’re not interested in wearing a maternity dress to work, you can also wear a long flowy maternity tunic to accomplish a similar look. The most important thing to remember about business casual is that you want something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and when you have that feeling, you’ll know you’ve picked out the right pieces.




Long Sleeve V-Neck & Slacks

This maternity outfit has the ultimate comfort factor with a long sleeve maternity v-neck and slacks. We guarantee that once you put this pair together, you won’t want to wear anything else to work. Perfect for the fall weather and the cold season ahead, you can layer this outfit with a scarf or throw on a long maternity coat to keep you really warm and cozy. We also love that this maternity v-neck top is fitted and shows off a growing baby bump in the most flattering, professional way. A stylish, oversized bag is a great accessory to bring with you to work as it can hold all your necessary items with ease.


Basic Blouse & Pencil Skirt

This gorgeous, chic ensemble is perfect for accommodating a growing bump and showing off your casual business style. We love how simply elegant a basic flowy maternity blouse and a black pencil maternity skirt can create the perfect working mom look. This sophisticated look is easily topped off with black heels and a cute purse. To really dress up this look, you can even wear a structured maternity blazer to get that ultra confident, professional finish. If you’re not a fan of basic black and white, mix it up and throw in a colorful heel or vibrant maternity blouse for a pop of color.

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How to Sport Your Favorite Team Colors



We all know that it’s football season, so we’re getting in the spirit and sporting our favorite team colors for every event. You don’t need to be a football fan to appreciate these simple, colorful, everyday maternity looks. No matter what sport or team you’re into, we want to give every mom an excuse to have fun and look great with these team spirit inspirations. These sporty maternity looks are easy to create, and you most likely will be able to find these maternity pieces in your closet. From colorful maternity leggings to long sleeve maternity sweaters, join in on the festivities by adapting these looks to your own personal style.

There’s just one rule-have fun!





Simple Stripes

We’ll be the referee of this game! A simple striped or printed maternity top paired with solid pieces like a maternity cardigan and long boots make the striped top really stand out. If you like wearing your favorite sport jersey, you can create the same effect by playing down the rest of your outfit with solid pieces. We’re keeping it simple and comfortable, because we want our transitional moms to not only look great, but feel great too.


red sweater




Warm and Cozy

The weather is slowly starting to get colder, so make sure to dress warm for all your sporting events, as most take place outside. Try to incorporate your favorite team colors any way you can, this is where you can be creative!  We built this look around a red knit maternity cardigan representing a team color, and paired it with a basic maternity cami, black maternity legging, and a striped scarf. This look is perfect for any mom attending a sporting event, whether you’re going to a tailgate party or just having a Sunday night football barbecue in your backyard.


stand pom

sit ball



Have Fun and Accessorize

If you are really at a loss on what to wear or how to sport your favorite team colors, start with accessories! These blue and gold pom poms are great for expressing your team spirit, and can be a source of inspiration for your outfit. We took these two colors and found basic maternity pieces that mimic this color scheme with a blue maternity long sleeve top and yellow maternity leggings. To add the finishing touches, we paired this everyday maternity look with long brown boots and applied sporty, non-permanent sticker tattoos to really show off our team spirit.

The best part about team spirit is that you can show it off however you want! There is no right or wrong here as long as you stay true to your maternity style and have fun.

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Making the Most of Your Maternity Shoot

close up 1


We know that maternity shoots can be stressful, with unpredictable elements in the mix like the weather, location, and health, it’s hard to not worry about all the small details and just focus on having fun. But that’s exactly what we want you to do, is have fun! Whether this is your first, second, or third maternity shoot, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to style your bump and make the most of your special day.



1.  This shoot is all about celebrating  your new baby, so make sure to have a couple photos with your hands placed on or below your belly. You want to accentuate your growing bump as much as possible, so have at least one hand on your bump throughout your shoot. If you have a partner with you, you could have them stand behind you with their arms coming around to caress your bump so you can do it together.

2. Half of your shoot is planning your outfit(s), so get at least one close-up of you and your gorgeous ensemble.  You can also do close-ups without facial expressions to tell a story.  A close-up of your hands making a heart, a reflection, drawn out words, or footprints are cute ways to capture a moment.




3. The most important tip is to have fun! Don’t be afraid to use sentimental or seasonal props to make your shoot      more personal or put you at ease from all the attention being on you. A pumpkin, balloons, an announcement, a baby blanket with a name on it, or baby shoes are some examples of objects you could use as a prop.

4. Try a variety of creative poses that offer a different visual perspective. You can sit, stand, walk, curtsy, or try any pose that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel beautiful. Use your outfit or what’s around you and do whatever feels natural and right for you.



5. Some of the best backdrops are what’s sitting right in front of you! Use natural elements like trees or branches as a natural frame to focus the attention on you and add a dramatic effect. The time of day is also important to consider if you are doing your shoot outside, try scheduling your shoot just before sunset for a romantic glow.

6. Just like props, have fun with accessories and try on different headbands, hats, boots, handbags, or anything you think complements your outfit. Don’t go overboard here because you want to keep it simple, but pick a couple of your favorite accessories to give your shoot a personal, stylistic touch.


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Fall Style Guide 2015

edited fall style guide


We’re so excited for the fall season, that we just had to come up with a fall style guide for transitional moms. Textured tunics, go-to knits, printed bottoms, and stylish finishing touches? Yes please! We’re all about finding pieces that are both comfortable for accommodating a growing belly, and up to date with the latest styles in maternity fashion. Check out what we’ve come up with for our fall style guide, and see what you want to incorporate into your maternity wardrobe.


textured tunic

Textured Tunics

We absolutely love to wear maternity tunics with leggings and our favorite pair of boots for a perfect fall look. Do you like knits, denim, or lace? We’ve picked out a few of our favorite maternity tunics in different styles and textures to give you some ideas for your fall wardrobe.


knit edited


Go-To Knits

These are our go-to pieces this fall: comfy, cozy, printed knit maternity tops. Whether it’s a simple long sleeve knit maternity top or a maternity cardigan, these knits are perfect for those cold days when you need something to keep  you warm.

printed leggings


Printed Bottoms

Who says your maternity top needs all the attention this fall? Try to mix up your wardrobe with trendy printed maternity leggings or maternity joggers for a bold look.





Finishing Touches

You can’t have a compete fall look without the finishing touches. From plaid fringed scarves to big totes, make sure to pick out your favorite fall accessories to go with your flawless fall style.

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Fall Mommy Must-Haves

This fall we’re going for every kind of look, from paisley boho prints to a touch of sparkle and shine. No matter what occasion you’re dressing for, we want transitional moms to have a variety of maternity styles and inspirations to choose from. So we’re giving you our list of top picks in maternity fashion for new moms this season, and showing you some perfect looks for styling your growing bump, whether you’re in your first trimester, or just starting to nurse your new baby.

bohemian collage

A Perfect Paisley Maternity Dress

This gorgeous bohemian 3/4 sleeve maternity maxi dress is perfect for the fall season when the cooler weather starts to set in. Other paisley maternity maxi dresses like this one feature a v-neckline that makes nursing easy, and cinching under the bust that is perfect for accommodating a growing belly and keeping you comfortable.

button up col 2

A Go-To Button Up Maternity Blouse

Perfect for the career mom, this button up chiffon maternity blouse is a flattering choice for all your business related needs. For a more formal style, a black or blue hue with a dark wash maternity jean and a heel can be worn for office attire, or just a fun night out on the town.

sequin collage top

A Touch of Sparkle

We are loving a cozy dolman sleeve maternity top with a sequin pocket accent to meet all our glam needs this fall. As a mom, this maternity top will provide you with the comfort of a casual top, but give you the style of a fashionista. All you need you ask? Just a touch of elegant sparkle and shine.

Leggings collage

Comfy Maternity Leggings

We wouldn’t be ready  for the fall season without a couple pairs of comfy, basic maternity leggings that you can wear, literally, for any occasion. Maternity leggings are a staple piece in any mom’s closet, as you can wear them at home for lounge wear with a maternity cami, under a flowy maternity tunic, or under a maternity dress to keep you warm during those cold fall nights out.

bootcut jean col

Basic Maternity Jeans

While we love our leggings, every mom needs a pair of maternity jeans for those casual days when you need something comfortable to run errands in, but still want that denim feel. Once you try on a pair, you won’t want to wear anything else.

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PinkBlush Maternity October Lookbook 2015

The modern transitional mom is ready to embrace the outdoors this October with fun fall layers, plaid patterns, and her favorite fuzzy sweaters. The leaves are falling and the weather is changing, so it’s the perfect opportunity for transitional mothers to start styling in layers complete with maternity leggings, a stunning pair of boots, and a cozy cardigan. Whether she is dressing for a walk down her favorite trail or going to a work event, you will find the modern mom prepared for anything. Check out this slideshow showcasing some of our favorite fall looks in maternity fashion.


no images were found


Shop the PinkBlush Maternity October Lookbook 2015  here.

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Dress Like a Celebrity Mom

It’s not an easy task as a transitioning mom to dress for your bump, and no woman wants to sacrifice her personal style even for a short period of time. We believe every mom should look and feel like a movie star, so we did our research and found some beautiful maternity fashion inspirations from celebrity moms. From formal maternity wear to work wear, we’ve come up with similar maternity pieces to show you that anyone can look and feel like a star.


black wrap comparisoninstyle.com/Amanda Schwab/startracksphoto.com


Tiffani Thiessen’s go-to is a black wrap dress for a formal occasion, as seen on instyle.com. This similar Black Sash/Nursing Maternity Dress also features a wrap style under the bust giving any mom a great shape, while a v-neckline makes it easy for moms that are nursing. The black color is an elegant choice as it elongates any figure and creates a slimming look all over.



instyle.com/Amy Graves/Getty Images


Stylist Estee Stanley tells InStyle that she’s, “a pants girl” and suggests wearing whatever is comfortable for you as a transitioning mom. A blazer is a perfect choice for the working mom who wants to look stylish and professional. You can layer a structured blazer over a maternity cami and pair it with your favorite maternity jeans for a comfortable and complete look.

maxi dress collage

Eric Lively/usmagazine.com


Blake Lively is rocking her baby bump in this mixed print look with a printed flowy maternity skirt and floral top. A bottom printed maternity maxi dress is also a beautiful alternative to this celebrity look. The beauty of a printed maxi dress is that as a transitional mom you can dress it up with a statement necklace or play it down for everyday casual maternity wear.

Check out our new arrivals and style guide for more inspired looks for the modern mom.