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Get Cozy with Us


It’s finally that time of the year when we can cozy up in warm layers and indulge in our favorite winter styles. This year we’re loving classic knit sweaters, seasonal prints, and comfortable accessories. We’re putting a twist on these basic winter staples, and showing you how transitional moms can best incorporate these outfit inspirations into their closet this season. Transitioning through pregnancy can be especially difficult during the cold winter months as your belly continues to grow, and you may find yourself not fitting into your old winter wear. If this sounds like you, not to worry because we’ve put together some simple outfit inspirations that will be perfect for you and your growing baby.

So relax, enjoy the spirit of the holidays, and don’t stress about finding winter wear as a transitional mom. Check out these cozy maternity ensembles we’ve put together just for you and apply them as you like into your closet this winter season:


Cowl Neck Knit Dress + Booties

A cowl neck knit maternity dress and booties are an easy winter outfit to accommodate a growing bump. The stretchy and soft material of the knit maternity dress will stretch with your bump as the winter months pass while keeping you comfortable and warm. You can always throw on a pair of maternity leggings and long boots for those especially cold or rainy days. Add a winter coat over this ensemble and you have a warm, cozy, and fashionable outfit to wear all winter long!


Printed Tunic + Leggings + Booties

When plaid and flannel come together it’s the perfect combination of comfort and style. A plaid flannel maternity tunic with maternity leggings and booties is one of our favorite outfit inspirations for the winter season. A tunic is a perfect investment for a transitional mom because of its flowy, slightly oversized fit that makes accommodating a growing bump easy. This outfit inspiration can be made complete when styled with a long layered necklace for a stylish, city chic look perfect for the modern mom.


Long Sleeve Top + Jeans  + Long Boots

We love a simple casual outfit that goes a long way during the cold winter months. Stock up on basic long sleeve maternity tops that can be layered and paired with just about anything; you can even buy the same top in multiple colors. Get a couple good pairs of maternity jeans to go with your long sleeve tops, as these two staples together will be the foundation for a lot of your winter wear. Now that you have these two basic necessities, you can add your favorite winter accessories like printed scarves and long boots for a perfect winter ensemble.

Whatever you winter style may be, get cozy with us this season and try mixing up your wardrobe with these maternity outfit inspirations perfect for transitioning moms.

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Bring on the Brrrrr!

beige coat

Why do we love the winter season? It’s finally time to bundle up and bring out our favorite winter coats! With so many different styles, colors, and fits to choose from, we’re stocking up on our favorites. While some people love a trendy trench coat, modern pea coat, or a basic walking coat, this year we’re really digging a feminine, city chic look that screams style everywhere you go. We’re talking about a modest maternity coat that is perfect for accommodating a growing belly and creates a flattering silhouette all at the same time.

These maternity coats are versatile winter essentials that every transitional mom needs in her closet as you can style them several different ways. Check out all the ways we’re styling our winter maternity coats this season and let us know what style you like best:





Go Dark

Deep hues are simply gorgeous during the cold winter months and create a flattering silhouette for every transitional mother. We paired a navy sash-tie maternity coat with a dark wash maternity jean, long brown boots, and a burgundy cowl neck maternity top for a casual, modest look.  While these colors are all dark in hue, they bring out the best in each other when paired together. Navy with burgundy create a subtle pop of color, while a dark wash jean and brown boots tone down the look to balance out the outfit as a whole.


coat col 2

Open Over a Dress

A white maternity coat is always a classy choice to rock in the winter weather. Neutral colors like black, white, and tan make it easy to style with any outfit any time of the year. With a hue as white as snow, you can wear this  sash tie maternity coat open over a dress for a stylish and elegant look. This is the perfect essential to all your holiday maternity dresses when the weather is cold and you don’t want to sacrifice style for warmth. Simply wear this coat open to show off your cute holiday dress and style with a heel for the ultimate city chic ensemble.


black coat 2



While you can go all dark, you can also mix it up and contrast hues for a timeless look that is perfect anywhere you go. With your maternity coat as your foundation, you can work around this one piece and add cozy accessories to create some contrast to a solid base. We’re sticking to neutrals and adding a white scarf and long brown boots to go with our black sash tie maternity coat. This timeless look is perfect for casual or formal occasions, and can easily be dressed up with a classic heel. Adding a contrasting accessory like a light colored scarf, can really make your coat stand out, or the opposite if you incorporate a print or color into your look.


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Helpful Tips for Winter Woes

mag photo

Enduring the winter season can be difficult when you’re pregnant. Your old winter clothes don’t fit, and now you’re spending tons of money on new maternity clothes. Depending on where you live, there can be many other obstacles to staying happy and healthy this season like cold weather, the stress of the holidays, and sickness lurking at every corner. It’s important to be prepared when it comes to taking on the biting cold this year, and we’ve got some universal tips to make your holiday season as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

lemon water

Stay Hydrated

It might sound funny to think that you need to stay hydrated when it’s winter, but it’s important to drink a lot of fluids during pregnancy. According to thebump.com, staying hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids can help with constipation, softening skin, reducing edema, and decreases your risk of getting urinary tract infections and preterm labor. You also want to drink a lot of water throughout the day as it is a natural cleanser and can help flush out the toxins in your body. So drink up this winter-whether it’s infused water, herbal tea, juice, hot cocoa, anything that is pregnancy appropriate and keeps you drinking.




Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to quit your exercise routine. Think of this time as a way to start a new fitness routine and mix things up a bit. Keeping up your activity is important for maintaining your weight and well-being during pregnancy. Womenshealth.gov says that healthy pregnant women should get 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. They suggest getting involved in low-impact activities like walking, dancing, or cycling. Ask your personal health care professional what routine works best for you, your baby, and your health for the safest approach.


 staple mat pieces

Invest in Basic Maternity Wear

Stock up on basic maternity pieces for your winter wardrobe, but make sure you have these three items in your closet: a maternity winter coat, maternity dress pants, and a long sleeve maternity maxi dress. You will need a winter coat that accommodates your growing belly and keeps you warm; anything that is double lined is a plus. Maternity dress pants are great for the career mom, work parties, and the holidays if you don’t want to wear a dress. On the other hand, if you are a dress fanatic, then a long sleeve maternity maxi dress will be a great go-to as the long sleeves will keep you warm, and a flowy dress will be comfortable to sit in through all your holiday family events.




Find a hobby

If you’re on maternity leave, snowed in from a storm, or just bored at home, the winter season is a great opportunity to dive into a new hobby. There are so many creative activities to do during the holidays, from decorating your house with DIY projects or designing your baby’s nursery. Maybe you love to cook and can try new side dish recipes for you holiday parties, or now finally have the time to read that novel you bought 2 months ago. Whatever your passion is, revisit it with a new fierceness or find something new that you love to do.


We hope these tips can help ease some of the difficulty that comes with being pregnant during the biting cold and winter months. Staying positive is the key to living a happy life, so make sure to really hone in on your festive spirit and count your blessings this holiday season.

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A Boho Inspired Baby Shower



Do you love tribal prints, ethereal inspiration, and embracing the nature around you?  If you are a lover of all things boho like we are, then you will love these ideas for a boho baby shower. We’ve combined simple, effortless maternity looks with some fun DIY decor ideas that can be easily replicated for your own baby shower. Whether you are celebrating a baby boy or a baby girl, we’ve got the perfect looks to make your boho baby shower dreams come true.




For a Boy

When it comes to celebrating a baby boy, there are so many different ideas for a boho themed shower. While DIY projects might sound challenging and time consuming, they can also be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience with family and friends who want to share your baby shower experience with you. We wanted to stick to simple, natural elements for our decor, so we chose to make a garland with feathers and colored tassels (blue of course) for an easy decoration. We also crafted together a feather mobile using twine, branches, and feathers for an extra decoration that would catch with the wind and add a pretty, free spirited element to our boho inspired setting.





When it comes to picking out a boho baby shower outfit, we love a blue printed maternity maxi dress that is comfortable, flattering, and beautiful. This v-neck style maxi perfectly shows off your growing belly, while the sash tie cinches under the bust to create a long, flattering shape for any transitional mom. Feel free to add any accessories you think go with your outfit, we like to add a jeweled headband or headpiece to really complete a boho inspired look. Remember, the best outfit is the one that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous all at the same time.





For a Girl

For a baby girl, we wanted to really hone in on an ethereal inspired look. A white chiffon maternity dress and a pink DIY flower crown creates an absolutely elegant look perfect for celebrating a baby girl. You could also wear a white lace maternity dress, or a flowy white maternity tunic with boots for a boho inspired look. We kept our decor simple with solid and lace streamers hung in the nearby trees, similar to the feather mobile in delicately catching the movement of the wind for a natural backdrop. All together, this boho baby shower theme for a girl is natural, simple, and gorgeous.  You can’t beat the surrounding beauty of using an outdoor location, and with a touch of effortless maternity fashion, we believe it’s the perfect combination for a boho baby shower.

We hope our boho inpsired baby shower ideas for a baby boy and girl give you everything you need to get creative and throw the baby shower of your dreams.


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Our Top Maternity Styles for Thanksgiving



We are so excited that it is finally November, and we’re not wasting any time getting the perfect maternity looks ready for Thanksgiving. With all of the gorgeous styles out there, there are endless maternity outfit inspirations to choose from. This year we’ve styled a few different looks from casual maternity holiday wear to more formal styles. Our main goal is make sure all of you moms out there are transitioning through motherhood as easily as mother nature transitions from one season to the next. This holiday season we’re featuring gorgeous maternity maxi dresses, cozy maternity tunics, and chiffon maternity dresses that will show off your bump in style while keeping you comfortable and confident. Check out these maternity Thanksgiving looks we’ve put together and tell us which look is your favorite!


Casual Comfort

There’s nothing more comfortable than a cowl neck maternity sweater top, maternity leggings, and long brown boots. This maternity tunic has just the right amount of fitted style to show of your growing bump and flowy fit to keep you comfortable during all your Thanksgiving festivities. A cowl neck design gives you the ultimate trendy look, and accessorizing with a jeweled headband adds in the perfect amount of sparkle for a festive occasion.


Love of Burgundy

We love the color burgundy, and during the holiday season this deep, staple hue is perfect for all your family and holiday events. A burgundy cable knit maternity tunic with maternity leggings and boots is an ideal ensemble when you’re rushing from one in-law’s house to the next to the next. This cable knit tunic will keep you warm and is easy to move around in-or lounge in after a delicious Thanksgiving feast. You can dress this look up with a long layered gold necklace or wear is as it is for a more casual style.


A Flowy Embroidered Tunic

A feminine, romantic look is an easy go-to when you’re frazzled and nothing in your closet is working. We love this elegant flowy maternity tunic with an embroidered front and cinched bust. This piece alone is the star of any outfit, all you have to do is throw on a pair of dark wash maternity jeans and boots for a complete semi-formal look. Just because you are celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style and comfort for an outfit you aren’t content with-be creative and wear something that really celebrates your maternity style.

streamer 2

streamer 3

Formal Attire

For those moms who have been waiting for the right occasion to wear that new maternity dress you just bought, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity! We love to glam it up for the holidays, but in classy maternity fashion of course. A maternity maxi dress or a chiffon dress are perfect essentials for formal holiday wear. Deep, solid colors are easy to work with as you can add your favorite accessories like a gorgeous heel, a jeweled statement necklace, and oversized clutch. These outfits are simple to re-create and are no fuss for moms who are already have to worry about prepping their meals for Thanksgiving.

We hope you enjoyed these maternity holiday looks and wish you the best of luck during all your Thanksgiving festivities.

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Fall Travel Made Easy

sequin sleeve col

With the Fall season comes all of our favorite things: cold weather, big comfy maternity sweaters, and the holidays. We know you will be making all your plans to visit family or friends this holiday season, but we also know that traveling and packing can be a pain, especially for a transitioning mom.  So we thought we would make traveling easy this season and give you some fall travel looks that are cute but easy to pack. We’ll show you how to fill your travel bag with staple maternity pieces and simple accessories for all your special occasions.


seq and dress


A Totally Glam Look + A Couple of Dresses

Have at least one outfit you can wear in the city or to an event. A sequin sleeve maternity top, stylish maternity jeans, and a sassy heel are our go-to items. A short sleeve maternity top and maternity jeans will keep you comfortable, while the sequins give you that flashy glam accent and the heels bring everything together.  Make sure to pack a couple of maternity dresses when you travel because you never know where you might end up! We love a printed maternity dress for casual attire and a lace top solid bottom maternity dress for something more formal. Maternity dresses make everything easy from packing to going out in the city with one solid outfit.


acc and tunic


Versatile Accessories + One Casual Outfit

Take a few simple accessories you know you will use. A solid scarf, sunglasses, and solid flats are staple pieces every woman needs on a trip. With these staple pieces make sure to bring a clutch so you don’t have to bring a bulky purse everywhere you go, and some of your favorite bangles or jewelry so you can dress up any basic outfit. Bring something comfortable to wear, especially if you are sitting for a long time.  A flowy maternity tunic and maternity leggings are perfect for casual comfort. There’s nothing like sitting in a car or plane for hours on end in something uncomfortable and rigid, we want all you moms to be feeling great even when you are traveling.

No matter what your plans are this season, you can use these tips for all of your travels needs whether you are traveling across the country or just driving a couple of hours away. Just remember to pack items that stay true to your comfort and style.