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Second Time Style

On my blog, The Modern Tulip, I am all about showcasing you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you are a mom. BUT I do realize things do change a bit once you have kiddos to chase around. I have a 14 month old son and I am 6 months pregnant with a little girl. The way I dress my bump this time around is different… for sure. But have no fear if you are in a similar situation, you don’t have to hide behind a t-shirt and yoga pants. PinkBlush makes it easy to find practical, stylish clothing to dress your bump.

How Pregnancy Style Changes From your 1st Pregnancy to Your 2nd:

1. Comfort wins… always.



This mama needs fabric to stretch and move in since my life is no longer all about casually strolling through Target, Starbucks in hand with my cute preggo belly. No, now I’m chasing a toddler and watching with caution that I don’t get the shopping cart too close to the aisle so he can easily rip everything right off. This mama needs room to move at a moments notice in her clothing. Case and point: I was just recently shopping at Kroger and somehow Maddox leaned into the cart from the top seat and grabbed a package of raspberries. He then proceeded to chuck that container of raspberries (with quite a good arm I might add) directly over my shoulder. The floor was a sea of red and so was my face. Being the kind-hearted person I am, I got on my hands and knees and began picking up the fruit off the floor dodging the looks from those around me pitying this poor pregnant woman on the grocery store floor.

This is why I wear flowy tops such as this one. For fear I will be found bent over in a store cleaning up after my toddler.

See the full look and details for this outfit here.

2. Versatility is a mothers dream.





Being able to go from a play date to a date night without having to take the time to change clothes completely is a mothers dream. #timesaver. At least once a week I am running from a play date at the park to Maddox’s MiMi’s house to quickly drop him off and rush back to town to meet my husband after work for a date night. I try to always wear something on these particular days that I can swap a few accessories and go from day to night appropriately. This dress for example is fabulous! And it comes in 5 different colors. By styling it with a jean jacket and sandals I am making it look super casual. Once date night roles around I ditch the jacket and add a cute clutch plus swap the sandals for wedges and BAM – I’m ready for a night out! Oh and don’t forget your lipstick!

See the full look and details for this outfit here.

3. Durability.




I need clothing that can handle #momlife. I have to dress practically to play in the dirt, crawl, chase my son, etc. What better than distressed denim? You can’t tell if there is wear and tear on your jeans and they are comfortable to move in. These jeans have become my favorite! I love the light wash and the way they cuff at the ankle. (They do roll down, but I typically wear mine with flats so I keep them rolled up). You’d never know they are maternity! I’ve always been a die hard fan of Pink Blush maternity jeans. They are the only jeans I will purchase because I’m that invested in them.

See the full look and details for this outfit here.

The way you dress definitely does change from one baby to the next, but it doesn’t mean you have to loose your style in the midst of it. There are practical, stylish and affordable pieces out there and if I’ve ever found a company that encompasses all of that it’s PinkBlush. I’ve never been disappointed.

If you are looking for more mom friendly outfits and style inspiration make sure to check out my blog or find me socially @themoderntulip!


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Keep It Simple: Your Real Essentials From a First Time Mom

Pregnancy can be a world of unknowns especially for a first time mother. I know for me it was. Sometimes to be prepared we over prepare, especially when it’s your first child. I had no idea how much my body would change as well as my style. I am here to share with you what worked for me and what styles I still wear now that my son is two.

Basic Tee’s

I was pregnant the majority of summer, so my go-to’s were basic tops. So easy to style with jeans, shorts or maxi skirts they were my saving grace. At times when getting dressed was the last thing I wanted to do, I would throw on a basic tee with cute wedges, add a statement necklace and evening chic here I came!


To this day I still wear my PinkBlush maternity leggings! Probably the most comfortable thing I have ever owned, they allowed me to dress up or down at my own convenience. So transitional!



Maxi Dresses

These will most definitely be your bestie while pregnant. They will never fail when everything else doesn’t fit. The reason I still wear my favorite maternity maxi dress is because it allows me to hide areas that make me feel insecure but also maximize my comfort and still feel beautiful. I have maxi’s that I wore while pregnant that transitioned with me while breastfeeding my son and even now three years later I still wear them.




A Supportive bra

Key word SUPPORT, I was so taken aback at how much my bra cup changed while pregnant. I think as a first time mom you expect your body to change but it’s astonishing how much it does. Embrace the changes as your body is beautiful and the outcome is a beautiful healthy baby! My last essential that saved me was my supportive bra.  Comfortable, supportive, and soft. The perfect bra will help with soreness, back aches and sensitivity. I purchased one that was also was made for nursing so I wore it after baby too. Complete game changer!




Believe me dressing while expecting can sometimes be overwhelming but if you purchase staple styles and utilize them throughout your pregnancy, staying stylish is easy to achieve. These essentials ended up being on constant rotation for me. So my advice: Keep it simple and work it, you preggonista!

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Featured Blogger

Introduction: Amy Kiefer is the blogger behind BalancedAmes. She started the blog as a way to share her passion for health, fitness, + balance. She is focused on empowering individuals to make healthier choices + live a balanced lifestyle. Her background as a fitness professional coupled with her current role as a full-time oncology nurse fuels her drive to promote the importance of preventative health. She is currently 37 weeks pregnant with her first baby.

Hello PinkBlush blog readers!

I’m Amy from BalancedAmes. I’m SO excited to share this post with you. Thanks to PinkBlush for having me + sending me some awesome clothes from their maternity active line to try! What I really loved about the tank tops is that they are LONG enough + the leggings are SO very comfortable!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.42.03 AM

In the Grey Heather Fitted Racerback Maternity Tank Top. Photo by Clare Mullins Photography

Exercise during pregnancy is a subject that I’m very passionate about. The benefits are numerous! Studies show it can make the pregnancy journey, labor, + delivery easier.

A common misconception is that women who are inactive before they were pregnant cannot start an exercise program. It is important to talk to your OB about this, but most would suggest that you do start! If you are thinking of becoming pregnant + you currently don’t exercise…I would say START NOW! Pregnancy will likely go smoother for you.

Let’s go through the benefits!


Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

  • Maintaining or increasing cardiovascular fitness: You can increase your body’s endurance + stamina, + increase your energy levels. These are huge benefits for pregnancy, labor, + delivery.
  • Increase muscular endurance: I like to think of labor and delivery as an athletic event. You are going to need a lot of stamina and use the correct muscles with the correct force. The right pregnancy routine can help with this!
  • Increasing muscular strength: Strength training during pregnancy yields lots of benefits! Including decreasing your risk of ligament and joint injury (loosening effects of relaxin and progesterone are at work against you), preparing you for the tasks of being a mom (think: picking baby up, car seats, diaper bags, shopping bags, etc!), + it helps to take strain off your lower back + pelvic floor (important for you to minimize postural issues + remain as comfortable as possible). I can tell you from helping with my niece, those little babes get heavy fast + you have a lot to take with you when you’re leaving the house!
  • Improved posture: Not only with improved posture help you to look better, but also lessens the chance that you’ll have the common neck and back pregnancy pains. It also helps to make breathing easier (you’ll realize the importance of this in the 3rd trimester).
  • Improved support of pelvic organs: Yes, we’re going there. Exercise helps to improve and strengthen the pelvic floor which can help you to minimize or prevent urinary incontinence and bladder or uterine prolapse (eeks!). Very important point here ladies!
  • Decrease pregnancy discomforts: Exercise helps to keep the minor discomforts of pregnancy at bay. It has been proven to help decrease the occurrence of varicose veins, back pain, leg cramps, swelling, and constipation.
  • Improved body composition:  Women that exercise during pregnancy gain less weight + body fat compared to pregnant women that do not.
  • Improved confidence: Of course weight gain + a big belly come with growing a human. Exercise has been proven to increase a women’s confidence. Since I’m eating well (of course with a few treats here and there) and regularly exercising, I know that my little babe needs the weight I’m gaining.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.43.05 AM

Confident in the PinkBlush Colorblock Maxi. In love with the neutral look!  Photo by Clare Mullins Photography

I don’t know about you, but all of those benefits make me want to hit the gym.

Not sure where to begin or what to do? Let’s go through some options:

Group training: Participating in a group class will not only provide you with exercise, but also a community of women that are also going through the experience of pregnancy. Mommas-to-be often find it to be an incredibly supportive environment. The classes should also be taught by someone that knows the proper modifications for every stage of pregnancy, so check that out before enrolling!

Personal training: I absolutely loved training pregnant women! It was so beautiful to see their journey + help build a strong foundation as they started to become more pregnant + headed toward labor + delivery. I would highly recommend finding someone that is certified in training pregnant women or at least has experience + knowledge of modifications. Personal training is great because you have one on one supervision + instruction.

Perinatal yoga: Another great form of group exercise for you! Yoga builds strength, flexibility, + overall well-being. Yoga can also be very beneficial in reducing low back pain + sciatica, which can be problems that plague pregnant women. Yoga focuses on teaching proper body alignment, which is SO important for everyday life + especially during pregnancy! I always leave class with a renewed perspective + yogi glow. I’ve also done online prenatal classes through Yoga International if you want to check that out!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.43.21 AM

Photo by Clare Mullins Photography

Strength training: I’m a huge advocate of strength training + you read about the important benefits above! Even now, I’m doing a lot of the same lifts that I did pre-pregnancy. Squats, lunges, dead lifts, pull downs, rows, incline pushups, chest press, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.43.32 AM

Squatting in my PinkBlush tank top.

Cardiovascular training: Good old cardio! Great to do as you’re going to need endurance for the challenging task of childbirth. Perhaps you already have a favorite variety. As you move into the third trimester (maybe even before), you may find that lower impact forms are more comfortable. For example, you might stop running + start incline walking or biking.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.43.42 AM


On a walk in my Pinkblush Grey Heathered Maternity Leggings + PinkBlush tank top.

I hope that you picked up a tip or two from this post! Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, comfortable, + stylish pregnancy.

You can find me over at BalancedAmes.com for more posts or on Instagram: @ameskiefer.

Thanks for having me PinkBlush!

-Amy Kiefer

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Baby Moon Oasis

Picture this…  Flowly Maxis, floral head bands, sweet sundresses and a weekend just the two of you. We’re talking about the new trend in the world of expecting mothers, the baby moon. Besides the anticipation of meeting your new bundle of joy, mother-to-be’s are now heading to relaxing destinations in preparation for their new adventure into motherhood.

For the west coast mommas, we take you to a desert oasis like no other. A short ride down the I-10, where the name of the game is pampering, fabulous food and poolside lounging, you’ll find Palm Springs. My husband and I just love vacationing here.

Besides the numerous golf courses for him, relax your little bump by the countless pools with a delicious mock-tail in hand. After you’ve spent the day lounging about and you’ve worked up your appetite, ride into downtown for delicious bites at some of the locals favorite spots. My husband and I are total foodies so when we come to town we make sure to hit up our favorite spots. For Brunch there are two spot’s you must try! First would be Cheeky’s, a modern space for creative breakfast & lunch sandwiches, with bacon flights & specialty cinnamon rolls, your taste buds will be on another level. Our second favorite spot for brunch would be Pinocchio in the Desert, this lively stop with kitschy decor for familiar eats, including plentiful breakfast & sandwich options also provides an hourly music and dance show to entice your pallet and will leave you entertained and wanting to come back. For a late lunch or dinner also try Tinto, Lulu California Bistro, Bill’s pizza or Las Casuelas Terraza.

So what to pack? We are loving all things floral, flowy and bold for this oasis getaway. Here are some of our favorites that rate baby moon worthy! For a day of lounging and brunching our Blue Tie Dye Cold Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress is your go-to choice! One of our favorite retro prints combined with a trendy cold shoulder style has us in love with this maternity maxi dress. A breezy side slit detail keeps you cool which is a must while in the desert. Pair this maxi with sandals and a long necklace for a boho inspired look.

For a day shopping in downtown try our Yellow Sleeveless Cross Back Maternity Dress.  Perfect for the day’s warm weather, a sleeveless cut and trendy cross back detail will effortlessly show off your bump while keeping you looking chic and on point. Dress this piece up with wedges and a statement necklace or keep it casual with sandals and a floral headband.

Last but not least, probably our top dress made perfectly for Palm Springs would be our Navy Pink Floral Wrap Maternity Maxi. With its bold print and “take me on a romantic date” attitude, this floral maternity maxi dress has all the right details to make you feel gorgeous from head to toe. Style this maxi dress with wedges and a layered necklace for a show stopping evening look. So your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, time for some pre-baby R+R. Enjoy!

palm springs