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Guest Blogger: JustBrit

Photo credits: Brit Jessop @justbritblog from justbrit.com

A few weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Philly Baby Bump and Pink Blush Maternity! My number one advice for maternity photos is to find what makes you feel confident and incorporate it into your shoot. For me, it is having beautiful yet comfy clothes, playing with makeup and choosing a fun photographer.

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After Baby Style, Baby Shower Shares, Beauty, DIY, Fashion, Fashion Inspiration, How To, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity, Spring Style, What To Wear, Womens

Guest Blogger: Sandy a la Mode


Photo credit: Sandy Chang @sandyalamode from sandyalamode.com

Hi friends! This is Sandy over at the family fashion and lifestyle blog, Sandy a la Mode! Ever since I was pregnant with my first baby, Pink Blush was one of my go to places for pretty clothes that would flatter my bump! I honestly didn’t know a thing about maternity fashion, but they definitely helped me along the way. After I had my first baby, Pink Blush released their Women’s line and I fell in love all over again! And I was pretty excited to be able to wear their non-maternity clothing post-baby. Seriously though, if I could just have all of their maxi dresses in my closet, I would be SO happy! Every time I look at their site, I find something new that I love and HAVE to have. 

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After Baby Style, Baby Shower Shares, Beauty, DIY, Fashion, Fashion Inspiration, How To, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity, What To Wear, Womens

How To Dress For Your Body Type: Maternity Edition

Finding the perfect style to highlight your changing body during pregnancy can be overwhelming to say the least. No fear, our PinkBlush stylists are here to help! We’ve picked our favorite styles for every body type and are talking style tips to keep in mind when dressing your beautiful bump during pregnancy.

For The Curvy Mama:

Elongating your body and emphasizing length over width with a neutral color palette will not only help slim your silhouette but is totally on trend for fall. Focus on showcasing your waist line with cinched bust styles and fun necklaces or embellished necklines. Another trend to try for fall is pairing your favorite bootcut dark denim maternity jeans with flowy or draped maternity tops for a flattering and boho inspired look.

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The Big Reveal!

We are quickly approaching our 20 week mark and could not be more excited to finally learn the sex of baby #2! So naturally it’s time to search for the perfect dress to make the big announcement in. With so many beautiful options of maternity dresses it was hard to narrow down my top picks. Here’s my favorite four and why they would be perfect for your upcoming gender reveal!

#1: White Garden 3/4 Sleeve Wrap Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

gender reveal 1

Ok, I am loving this maxi for so many reasons. I love the even amount of both blue and pink within the floral accent which is perfect whether it ends up being a boy or girl. The wrap detailing will give any body shape a flattering fit and it’s perfect for transitioning once baby is here making it the perfect nursing dress!

#2: Basic White Chiffon Maternity Dress

gender reveal 2

What I like about this dress is how simple it is. Perfect for warmer climates you will stay cool and comfy and look fabulous. With a tie detail it allows you to adjust the fit to make it more form fitting or flowy. Add a colored sash around the waste to make this a stunning option for your reveal. It can also be worn after baby too!

#3: Mint Green Floral Chiffon Maternity Dress

gender reveal 3

Probably our most favorite maternity dress of all time here at PinkBlush, this dress is just timeless. From the flattering baby doll waste to the elegant floral design and feminine colors, you just can’t go wrong with this option for your announcement.

#4: Aqua Damask Bottom Maternity Maxi Dress

gender reveal 4

This maternity dress just screams FUN! For the more outgoing mom-to-be the bright colors and damask design will surely make a statement! I am in love with the flattering cinched waist line and let me tell you, this dress is so comfortable. Fabulous option!

These are just a few dress options for a gender reveal to find more stunning choices head over to PinkBlushMaternity.com! Check back to see what dress I ended up going with and if baby #2 is a boy or girl! Share you gender reveal photos with us now at media@pinkblushmaternity.com!

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Baby Showers: Who, When, What to Wear & Your Registry

Baby’s on its way so it’s time to celebrate! In most countries, family and friends get together to shower the soon-to-be mother with presents to celebrate mother and child and welcome the women’s journey into motherhood. From showers for a first time mother, to a sprinkles party for a second time mother, a co-ed shower, or even a sip and see. These days anything goes.

First, determine who will plan the shower. It can be anyone from family, friends to a co-worker. Though you can host your own shower, it’s still considered unusual.  Generally either a sister, mother-in-law, or the guest of honor’s mother will host or co-host the event.

There has been much debate as to when the baby shower should be held. Rule of thumb says between when the mother to be is 6-8 months. Some say definitely later so that the pregnancy can be well along but others say the earlier the better to insure baby will not make an early appearance. Personally I had my baby shower when I was 6 months. I felt well enough to attend and I felt beautiful because I wasn’t super huge yet but everyone is different and you should make sure the date works best for the mother to be. Also, take in consideration if people need to travel, providing plenty of notice in advance for travel arrangements.

Once a date is set, the real planning will begin. The theme should delight the guest of honor and represent the style and taste of the expectant mother. There is no rule stating that the colors must be strictly pastel so go wild and have fun, all within reason of course. You want to make sure the mother to be will love her shower and enjoy herself at the same time. Pregnancy can be emotional and you want her to feel pampered and special during this important day.

Guest in attendance will range from family and friends of the expecting mother’s family to the family and friends of the soon to be father! Sometimes if decided, even the father and his friends will also attend the baby shower. You will want to make sure all of the expecting mother’s closest friends are also invited. Having her write a list and provide addresses for everyone she would like to see attend is always a great idea in order to insure no one is left out.

Now the fun part, when preparing for your shower you will accumulate a list of needs and wants for when baby has made their arrival. This is called your registry. From personal experience, I would recommend reaching out to friends and family who have had children and ask them what you will really need. I pinned and googled and found a number of items which I included in my list or was dead set on thinking I needed and in the end I didn’t use half of it. To insure you get what you really need for baby, asking other mothers will provide you with a list of the necessities. People will also send gigts you may have not necessarily registered for but you will come to realize you ended up needing! Registering with your partner can become a bonding experience making it more real that soon your party of two will be a party of three!

Last but not least, your dress! Its super important you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. You may choose to go with a solid dress or a bold print to compliment your theme. Whichever the case, if you’re looking for the perfect dress, PinkBlush Maternity has you covered. Shop our exclusive collection of Maternity Dresses specifically designed for Baby Showers!! This moment will be documented by tons of photos so make sure the dress you say yes to, is one you absolutely love and will love forever.

When you shower date finally arrives, relax and enjoy.  Have fun participating in baby themed games and fill up on delicious food and sweet treats. Remember to get tons of photos of all your guests and appoint a close friend or family member to write down gifts along with the name of the person who brought it so you may send out thank you cards. It’s always also a nice gesture to send your hosts a thank you card, small gift or flowers to thank them for planning what you will always remember as the perfect shower.


To share your baby shower and the PinkBlush dress you choose, please email media@pinkblushmaternity.com!

Baby Shower Shares

Oh Boy! Baby Shower Inspiration + Free Printables



Oh boy, it’s baby shower season! If you’re expecting a bundle of blue this springtime, look no further than Ms. Julie O’Brien’s recent baby shower for some inspiration! With great friends, amazing food and of course a stunning PinkBlush Maternity dress, there’s so much to love about this beautiful celebration event!

One of the best ways to capture all of your pictures during your baby shower in one central spot, and a great way to do that is with the help of a unique hashtag! These days so many baby shower guests are on Instagram, so in creating a fun, festive hashtag, everyone can browse one another’s pictures (as long as they’re public accounts) and can re-connect with new acquaintances they may have met at the party! For Julie’s baby shower, she used the themed-appropriate hashtag #OBrienTeaParty but there are so many other great ones you can choose from! Between #xshavingababy to #x’sgotabunintheoven there are many ways to create a hashtag that’s themed appropriate yet still specific enough that only your pictures from the event will show up in the feed.



Another great way to save time and money is with the addition of free printables. We loved how Julie motivated her guests to fill out their envelopes for the ‘Thank You’ cards, because let’s be real, the last thing you want to do when you’re eight or nine months pregnant is to look up everyone’s address. Not only does this give guests something to do when they first arrive, but it can gather everyone around the table to turn in their envelopes, which can create an awesome opportunity for everyone to connect. We were so inspired, we created our own, along with some other free printables as well! Feel free to download your own below, and if you’d like to see more of Julie’s pictures, make sure to visit her Instagram at @MrsJulieOBrien or on ours at @pinkblushmaternity as we’ve featured her multiple times 🙂

Julie’s PinkBlush Maternity Basic White Chiffon Maternity dress is available here  and for more baby shower outfit options, feel free to browse all of our current options at PinkBlushMaternity.com!




Baby Shower Shares, Spring Style

PinkBlush Baby Shower: Baby Blue Theme


It’s baby shower season! We here at PinkBlush love when our bloggers and customer’s share pictures of how they wore our PinkBlush items during their special day and in celebration of all of the amazing baby showers our customer’s have shared with us, we’ll be starting to share some of the pictures each week! This week we’re featuring Alia from Little Mrs Priss and her beautiful blue inspired baby shower for her baby boy!



Backyard baby showers can be an amazing way to get friends and family together in a relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants or public parks. Not only is it inexpensive to host a backyard baby shower, but they can be a great way to set up a location just how you’d like, and be able to serve your own food and drinks without paying a fee!

One of our favorite ways to decorate is with the clothes pin idea, where anytime a guest gives the gift of baby clothes, they all get to be hung up for a cute extra backdrop! Burlap backdrop photos is also really popular right now, and can be a great way to share with guests all those pictures they may have been asking about, ranging from maternity photo shoot shots, to first ultrasound pictures.







With all of the pictures being taken at your baby shower, it’s worth while to look into finding the perfect outfit for your special day. You’ll want to make sure you take the weather into consideration, and beyond that, finding something that you look and feel beautiful yet comfortable in. In the world of social media, spending a few minutes planning what you’ll wear can be a great way to ensure you’re happy with any pictures you may get tagged in or want to share yourself!

Currently, many women are choosing to wear a style that reflects the gender of their baby or a pastel-inspired hue to their shower for some extra excitement about if it’s a boy or girl. We’re loving how Alia played on expecting a baby boy by wearing a mint dress, that not only looks beautiful but fits in with her theme as well.

Hello, delicious! Wondering what to serve guests that can be affordable, filling and fun? We’re obsessed with this waffle bar idea which lets guests add whatever toppings they’d like to this delicious food! With waffle makers costing as low as $19, it can be inexpensive to make your own mix for a yummy homemade treat, and if you can borrow one from a friend or relative, even better! Bonding over the bar area can be a great way for guests to interact and break the ice if they haven’t met one another yet.




Baby showers are all about celebration, and what better way to get people in a happy, joyous mood than with some baby shower games! We here at PinkBlush had a blast going through all of our customer favorites, from Baby Bingo to Not saying the Word ‘baby’ to guessing how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle. We’ll be providing our own free printables that you can use for your baby shower with our Top 10 baby shower games within the month, but meanwhile, here’s a fun free printable where you can print out your Thank You tags for any gifts you may be giving your guests, along with table name cards and a cute list to write down what everyone gifted you! You can download that here:

Baby Shower Free Printable

Make sure to share any pictures if you decide to use our printables or wear PinkBlush at your very own baby shower! We’ll be giving away a $250 PinkBlush shopping spree every month to someone who wears our items! Simply use the hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush anytime you wear our items, or tag us on Instagram for your chance to be entered!

For this and other baby shower styles, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com