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Pretty In Pink

At 39 weeks (!) Leah Mullett was ready for her baby boy or girl to arrive and at this point in her pregnancy, craved something soft and comfortable that would not only cover her bump but also still keep her cool during the warm summer season. She opted for a gorgeous maternity maxi dress in a bold, beautiful hue. A dress like this is perfect for the later months of your pregnancy because it is cinched right under the bust to allow you to grow from week to week while the fabric lays perfectly draped over your bump.Read More

Beauty, Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity

Date Night Done Right

Happy (Almost) Weekend!


Your first summer date night is here and you have a huge selection of cute maternity clothes to look amazing in tonight but you just can’t decide exactly what style you’re going for. We already know our go-to look for nights like these. Luckily, these stylish maternity maxi dresses were made for every woman’s individual style while making sure you stay cool for a night out.Read More

Beauty, Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity

Simple Ways to Make Mornings Easier

Mornings are hard enough as it is and Monday mornings? Forget about it. If you tell us you have a way to shorten our getting ready time to only fifteen minutes we’ll try anything. As long as it keeps us in bed a little longer.

One tip that is tried and true is putting your outfit together the night before. Instead of dragging everything out of your closet and turning your room into a tornado’s destruction path, carefully lay out your picks before you go to bed. We can’t even begin to describe how much this helps. It may take some getting used to but this is the number one time saver. When you get this down, everything else is easy. A maternity jean and maternity top are the perfect go to look for an everyday casual look while maternity pants and a maternity blouse are great for a day at work. Dress up any of these looks with a statement necklace and that’s all it takes. Don’t forget your maternity cardigan for your chilly office.Read More