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Celebrate Father's Day in Style

Father’s day is coming up and it’s time to show the dads and dads-to-be some love! Whether you’re celebrating with a picnic in the park, a nice dinner, or a romantic walk along the beach, the perfect look can be achieved in no time so you can spend the rest worrying about what to give the best dad, soon-to-be dad, and husband in the whole world (don’t worry, we have you covered there, too!).

Going to the park for a day out with the family? You will definitely need some comfortable maternity clothes to stay active in. A basic maternity jean and maternity top will always be a must-have on days like this. Just a romantic picnic for two? Opt for a casual maternity maxi dress.


Date night, casual or sophisticated, with your husband to celebrate his soon-to-be fatherhood calls for the perfect maternity dress. We are crazy about two things, lace and chiffon, giving you the perfect ultra-feminine texture and chic look for a night out. Seriously the best option when dressing up because not only will it look gorgeous with its flattering style, but will keep you comfortable with its breezy material and stretchy form fitted design. Add a little sparkle with a colorful statement necklace to instantly transform your look.




From maternity maxi dresses to shorter maternity dresses, you can find the perfect length to rock with grace and confidence. For a more casual date night, like dinner and ice cream, a casual maxi or day dress and cardigan or jean jacket is perfect.


After dinner, a romantic stroll on the beach at sunset makes for the perfect ending to a great Father’s day. A maternity maxi skirt and maternity cardigan are your new favorite pieces for a night like this as it adds just the right layers and lightweight feel.


Now that you have what you’re wearing, a gift for Dad is next on the list. Our favorite DIY to give to our Father’s this year is a hand crafted coffee mug! Made with love and our terrible artistic abilities, we took to the plain white mug with shaky hands and an oil-based sharpie, and drew our appreciation. Even if Dad doesn’t drink coffee, a hot tea or hot chocolate can be enjoyed just the same. Once your masterpiece has dried thoroughly, place it in the oven, turn it on to 350 degrees, and set your timer for 30 minutes. Once your timer goes off, turn off the oven and keep the mug in until it cools down (We’d leave it for a couple hours). Give it a quick wash in the sink and you’re done! A great gift to recruit your kiddos to help with, too!

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Strapless Summer

Who needs straps these days anyway? This summer’s hottest (or coolest) trend that we are head over heels about is anything strapless. It shows just the right amount of skin for a romantic, feminine look. Of course, this trend is perfect for it all. Date night, lunch with the girls, brunch, and even as a cute beach cover up – you name it. With so many prints and textures out there to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one we want to rock first. The best part about this top, and what sold it to us, was the ability to nurse after pregnancy in style. Now, a top that works for during your pregnancy and straight into motherhood without a problem. It’s great to have piece in your wardrobe that isn’t obviously maternity clothes and you don’t have to pass on after your baby is born. All you have to do is pull down and go, which is so convenient for you and the baby.

Date night rolls around and it’s finally time to head out to curb those pregnancy cravings! Finding an outfit that is both casual and chic to make you look as beautiful as you feel can be hard but a free flowing maternity maxi dress hugs all the right places to give an effortlessly stylish look for an all-night wear. With this low neckline, dress it up with a statement necklace or earrings and you’re set. It’s so simple to throw this look together in seconds that it has quickly become our go-to for the warm night. If it’s way too hot to even think about a long dress, a short chiffon strapless maternity dress offers you a breezy option, perfect for dressy or casual with the right layering.


For another day time look for errands, playing with the kids, or running around, a maternity jean and strapless maternity top gives you the freedom to move around comfortably. Even if you’re going to the beach, you can wear this as a quick maternity cover up over your suit because it is a quick on-and-off piece. Sometimes simply getting dressed in the morning is a challenge and your body is growing so much from one day to the next, it’s nice to have a lightweight, non-fitted top, loose top to grow into throughout the trimesters. A top like this will do just that, offering you a transitional look through every change.


Recently, Hannah from Tuketah had a fun, Mexican themed date night with delicious food and rocking an oh-so stylish look. We love how she accessorized this printed top maxi dress with earrings and the most gorgeous bracelets.








You can get this exact strapless maternity maxi dress for your date night this summer. Show us how you made it your own by tagging us! #prettyinpinkblush

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Lightly Layering For Summer

When we think of layering, it’s usually around the fall to winter seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it during summer too! Of course, you probably won’t want to bring out your heavy knits and thick jackets, but there are so many alternatives to add to your look while keeping you comfortable and cool on hot summer nights. Lightweight chiffon maternity cardigans are perfect for this because they are breezy and beautiful and add a subtle feminine flair. Floral maternity cardigans give you a pop of color to your solid maternity tops and textured cardigans add a unique character that bring your entire look together. When layering, the cardigan of choice isn’t the only thing to think about. A lightweight ensemble underneath is just as crucial. Tacking on too many layers can cause you to get overheated super fast and in this hot and humid summer, that’s the last thing you want.

A simple maternity maxi skirt and maternity tank top are the go-to look for this summer because of its free flowing style and comfortable design. It is the most feminine style that promises a flattering look at every stage of pregnancy and is simple to layer. A solid chiffon cardigan over a printed maxi skirt allows the bold print of the bottom to stand out.

With a dress, keeping material in mind is key. You don’t want anything too heavy or clingy which means your best bet is something chiffon or a lightweight linen. A solid chiffon maternity maxi dress can be great for day or night, only requiring a change of accessory to easily dress it up. When you’re working with solids, a printed layer or textures style is best to bring a little summer flair without committing to a bold print all day long. This allows you to get creative throughout the season and change up your look every day. With linen, you get a beach-y, laid back style for a casual night out. Because of its forgiving, loose fit, you can wear a linen maternity maxi dress throughout your entire pregnancy and straight into motherhood without skipping a beat.

We love how Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps styled her linen maternity maxi dress with a cardigan during her week 20 photoshoot! She took a simple, feminine, and lightweight piece just right for summer nights, and paired it with a simple, versatile, oversized cardigan. This draped style is perfect for a romantic look for a night out with your spouse.







We would love to see how you layer you look this summer! Just tag #prettyinpinkblush

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Maternity Style Watch: Off Shoulder Blouses

It’s hard not to play around at photo shoots with this flirty and fun off shoulder beauty! We are absolutely in love with the off shoulder maternity top this season to show off a little skin in a feminine way. From floral chiffons to crochet accent linens, a variety of these tops are popping up everywhere. It is the perfect boho chic essential because it is loose, flattering, and laid back while at the same time, capturing the most feminine of styles.


Karlee chose to wear this floral chiffon off shoulder top with a solid maternity legging and heels for a stylish day out. You can easily dress this up with a statement necklace for a smooth transition into night this summer. With the temperature slowing rising day after day, we wanted to slip into something that was comfortable and lightweight but still cute. Luckily, this top can do it all. From business to casual and day to night, this versatile top is perfect for any event. It’s amazing what a change of accessory can do for a top like this. It instantly transforms your look to be anything you want. You may be girly, boho, or edgy, but with this top, you can be all three!


The most common look we see is pairing this off shoulder with a maternity jean (or maternity shorts for the hotter days) and sandal if you’re looking for a casual everyday wear and we totally agree. It has everything a soon-to-be mommy needs! Comfort, simplicity, and style. Seriously, it shaved off a whole 10 minutes of searching within the depths of our closet which is everything when you have more little kiddos running around to look after. Not only does this top save your lives when you are expecting, but can be the ultimate nursing top after the baby comes. Just pull down and you’re ready to go! So simple and convenient that we were ecstatic when we realized how perfect this top is for during and after pregnancy.



Since Fourth of July is coming up, the perfect red, white, and blue maternity look for your family BBQ.


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Bohemian Beauty

We love this trend for so many reasons and summer is the perfect time to try this effortlessly chic look out! Perfectly undone and utterly feminine, the bohemian inspired look can be achieved in seconds and look completely put together. This makes mornings so much simpler and isn’t that exactly what we need when we’re pregnant?

Just like every trend, you can incorporate your own unique style to make it your own and the bohemian style allows you to do just that with ease. A few characteristics of this style include loose and breezy fits in earthy tones and subtle embroidered detailing here and there and of course, a messy braid or loose curls to complete the look head to toe. Jana from The Creative Closet perfected this look with her own flair by adding her crochet trim maternity top with a basic maternity jean, long pendant necklace, and hat.






If you don’t want a bulky jean during the hotter days, opt for a lightweight, breezy, printed maternity dress instead with a gold statement necklace. We love how playfully pretty and comfortable this not only looks but feels.




A little texture mix and match is right on trend with the bohemian lifestyle, giving your look a feminine flair while at the same time, making sure you have a laid-back style. This linen hi-low maternity dress is perfect for a day to night look with just a quick change in shoes. Notice the bohemian style incorporates a variety of accessories from bangles, long pendant necklaces, to gold statement necklaces. We love how versatile this style is and that we can just make it our own from one day to the next. Each style is so unique and different that only a few pieces in your wardrobe can be put together to create a number of stylish looks.




Another look with a basic maternity skinny jean is pairing it with a loose, layered maternity tank top. Not only does a print give you the bohemian style, but a layered style tunic can gives you a flowy, carefree look with dimension. Throw on a long necklace and rings and you’re set. Like the look below, this is perfect for a casual everyday wear or easily dressed up with a wedge for a fun night out with the girls.



Layering with a lightweight piece is essential with this trend because it adds to the free flowing style and chic flair. Pair it with a comfortable maternity maxi skirt and maternity tank top for an instantly boho chic look for day or night. Whether you opt for a printed maternity cardigan or solid textured one, make sure you keep it simple with a basic underneath. Less is more with this trend.


Of course, anything off shoulder just screams boho and this off shoulder linen maternity top has the most perfect bell sleeve with crochet detail. This style ensures a comfortable, easy going look in seconds. Easily paired with any ensemble, the crochet detailing is the selling point for a boho inspired look.



Show us how you adopt the bohemian style into your look this summer by tagging #prettyinpinkblush 🙂

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In The Loop



You’re looking in the mirror and think there must be something missing. You can solve this with a number of solutions from jewelry to a bold red lip, but sometimes it just isn’t cutting it. Adding a lightweight printed scarf or knit scarf will instantly give your look character and tie the entire outfit together. You can pull this off in so many easy ways that scarves have become our go-to when we want to try something new and be adventurous. Mixing prints to keeping warm, the possibilities are endless and when you find the right scarf, it can have multiple functions.



Prints, textures, material, and style are all things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect accent piece. Do you want a bold print to pair over your classic striped maternity top? How about a feminine lace to pair with a floral printed maternity top. Is it cold outside? A heavy knit scarf to keep you warm while adding a stylish chunky layer to your solid maternity top. Finally, the ever so versatile infinity scarf vs. the always classic regular scarf. Here, you can see just how you can rock all of these types of scarves this season.





When we think of a scarf, we usually picture it looped or tied around the neck, right? Well, Seng from Sengerson showed us that there is more than one way to wear a scarf. We love how she transformed this solid maternity maxi dress with this infinity scarf for her photo shoot!


Show us how you style your scarves this season by using #prettyinpinkblush 🙂

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Our Favorite Date Night Looks

Life is busy enough as it is, and with a new baby on the way, you know that soon enough, there will be even less free time for you and your significant other to enjoy a night out. So go ahead and call your babysitter, get dressed up, and have some fun. But, while you are deciding where you want to go, switch it up by trying this fun and spontaneous new way. When we first read about the Penny Date, we had so many questions: does it include freeways or highways? What if we are in a residential area? What if we end up in the middle of nowhere? Luckily, when gave it a try, we didn’t run into any problems but if you and your spouse do, you can alter the rules a bit.

  1. Find a coin or any object that has two sides.
  2. Pink a number (it can be as low or high as you want it to be. The higher the number, the further you drive.)
  3. Decide which end (heads or tails) represents ‘left’ or ‘right’
  4. Get in your car

Every time you arrive at an intersection, flip the coin (we suggest flipping it in advance to give the driver some heads up!). Whichever side it lands on, you turn in that direction. So, if you decided to make heads ‘right’, then if the coin lands on heads, you turn right. Do this for every intersection until you have reached the number that you chose before you began. Wherever you end up, this is where you will have a spontaneous date night.

Of course, a change of clothes may be necessary but casual maternity jeans, maternity blouse or a comfortable maternity dress with ankle boots is so versatile that you can do just about anything and be comfortable in this. Our favorite, however, is a maternity maxi skirt and maternity cardigan which is always chic and easily dressed up or down ensemble.


A distressed maternity skinny jean and striped maternity top in a cozy knit to keep you warm for a casual and cool night out. Accessorize with a printed scarf and you’re set!


A maternity nursing dress to keep you comfortable in style. Pair with a strappy ankle boot and belt and it’s that simple. For a dressier look, throw on a statement necklace to instantly add some sparkle.


Mixing prints with a casual striped maternity dress perfect for a warm day-date and a lightweight scarf. Bring along a cardigan if it gets cool.


Maternity maxi skirt and a lightweight maternity cardigan will give you the ultra-feminine, versatile look for anything.

We know, this idea sounds crazy and unpredictable, but if anything, it leads to one great story- and we would love to hear your story!