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Maternity Style Watch: Off Shoulder Blouses

It’s hard not to play around at photo shoots with this flirty and fun off shoulder beauty! We are absolutely in love with the off shoulder maternity top this season to show off a little skin in a feminine way. From floral chiffons to crochet accent linens, a variety of these tops are popping up everywhere. It is the perfect boho chic essential because it is loose, flattering, and laid back while at the same time, capturing the most feminine of styles.


Karlee chose to wear this floral chiffon off shoulder top with a solid maternity legging and heels for a stylish day out. You can easily dress this up with a statement necklace for a smooth transition into night this summer. With the temperature slowing rising day after day, we wanted to slip into something that was comfortable and lightweight but still cute. Luckily, this top can do it all. From business to casual and day to night, this versatile top is perfect for any event. It’s amazing what a change of accessory can do for a top like this. It instantly transforms your look to be anything you want. You may be girly, boho, or edgy, but with this top, you can be all three!


The most common look we see is pairing this off shoulder with a maternity jean (or maternity shorts for the hotter days) and sandal if you’re looking for a casual everyday wear and we totally agree. It has everything a soon-to-be mommy needs! Comfort, simplicity, and style. Seriously, it shaved off a whole 10 minutes of searching within the depths of our closet which is everything when you have more little kiddos running around to look after. Not only does this top save your lives when you are expecting, but can be the ultimate nursing top after the baby comes. Just pull down and you’re ready to go! So simple and convenient that we were ecstatic when we realized how perfect this top is for during and after pregnancy.



Since Fourth of July is coming up, the perfect red, white, and blue maternity look for your family BBQ.


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Bohemian Beauty

We love this trend for so many reasons and summer is the perfect time to try this effortlessly chic look out! Perfectly undone and utterly feminine, the bohemian inspired look can be achieved in seconds and look completely put together. This makes mornings so much simpler and isn’t that exactly what we need when we’re pregnant?

Just like every trend, you can incorporate your own unique style to make it your own and the bohemian style allows you to do just that with ease. A few characteristics of this style include loose and breezy fits in earthy tones and subtle embroidered detailing here and there and of course, a messy braid or loose curls to complete the look head to toe. Jana from The Creative Closet perfected this look with her own flair by adding her crochet trim maternity top with a basic maternity jean, long pendant necklace, and hat.






If you don’t want a bulky jean during the hotter days, opt for a lightweight, breezy, printed maternity dress instead with a gold statement necklace. We love how playfully pretty and comfortable this not only looks but feels.




A little texture mix and match is right on trend with the bohemian lifestyle, giving your look a feminine flair while at the same time, making sure you have a laid-back style. This linen hi-low maternity dress is perfect for a day to night look with just a quick change in shoes. Notice the bohemian style incorporates a variety of accessories from bangles, long pendant necklaces, to gold statement necklaces. We love how versatile this style is and that we can just make it our own from one day to the next. Each style is so unique and different that only a few pieces in your wardrobe can be put together to create a number of stylish looks.




Another look with a basic maternity skinny jean is pairing it with a loose, layered maternity tank top. Not only does a print give you the bohemian style, but a layered style tunic can gives you a flowy, carefree look with dimension. Throw on a long necklace and rings and you’re set. Like the look below, this is perfect for a casual everyday wear or easily dressed up with a wedge for a fun night out with the girls.



Layering with a lightweight piece is essential with this trend because it adds to the free flowing style and chic flair. Pair it with a comfortable maternity maxi skirt and maternity tank top for an instantly boho chic look for day or night. Whether you opt for a printed maternity cardigan or solid textured one, make sure you keep it simple with a basic underneath. Less is more with this trend.


Of course, anything off shoulder just screams boho and this off shoulder linen maternity top has the most perfect bell sleeve with crochet detail. This style ensures a comfortable, easy going look in seconds. Easily paired with any ensemble, the crochet detailing is the selling point for a boho inspired look.



Show us how you adopt the bohemian style into your look this summer by tagging #prettyinpinkblush 🙂

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A Splash of Color

This summer is all about bold prints and vibrant hues. From classic stripes to tropical florals, even if it’s just a splash in your wardrobe, you’re walking in style. Pair these colorful essentials with a solid jean or top to really let it do all the talking.

Our favorite summer trend that is popping up everywhere is combining prints with white. This not only brings out the natural brightness of your skin but will make your eyes pop. There are so many options when it comes to mixing and matching that you can have a knockout look wherever you go this summer, casual to dressy. A printed scarf or vibrant floral top against a white maternity jean is sure to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes jeans can get hot and heavy as the day drags on and in that case, a white floral print chiffon maternity dress can keep you breezy and beautiful in this go-to trend.



When date night arrives, a gorgeous maternity maxi dress or maternity maxi skirt will give you the perfect look. From solid to printed, this little touch of color goes a long way. You can opt for a classic short maternity dress for a casual day out to lunch or a chiffon maternity dress for a more sophisticated night out. Maternity maxi skirts are a closet must-have because of their undeniable versatility and amazing comfort which is exactly what we need when pregnant.



But, if you’re the type to always be on the go, you will definitely need not only chic, but comfortable maternity clothes. There is no need to sacrifice your unique style when relaxing at home or running errands. A distressed maternity jean or maternity short and basic maternity top are mandatory for these hectic days and for that subtle pop of color, add a lightweight printed scarf.


Our favorite part of this season is relaxing on a warm summer afternoon with a cool glass of water in one hand and a good book in the other. Like our summer wardrobe, we like to add a little color to make drinking water fun and refreshing. Infused water is the best for this time of year because it is hydrating and delicious all at once. It definitely makes it easier to get our daily dose of water and fruit at the same time. Try some of our favorite infused water recipes next time you’re looking for a little splash of water.

Citrus – Mint: Orange + lemon + lime + mint

Berry – Citrus: orange + blueberry //coconut water*

Raspberry – Apple: Raspberry + green apple + rosemary


*// for an added tropical flavor, add coconut water. It’s extremely hydrating and tastes amazing too!

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Mad About Maxis

Do you ever have one of those mornings where no matter what you try on, it’s just not working? The room goes from clean to looking like a tornado came through it in seconds. Well with the change in season comes a change in trends. They change faster than a blink of an eye. Luckily, there is one style that moves with the tides of fashion and is our constant savior on days like those. The maternity maxi skirt and maternity maxi dress are our best friends, especially as days grow warmer and longer and the last thing we want is a hot and heavy jean. Versatile enough to dress up or down, this effortless trend will help you survive your pregnancy with comfort and grace.


Our love for everything maxi is never ending and always growing. With the introduction of bold prints, we can mix and match graphics and solid maternity tops for a knockout look with no effort. Maternity maxi skirts with a vibrant hue and intricate design give you a freedom to express your style personality in a comfortable and simple way which we love.



Feeling blue? Lighten it up with a playfully printed maxi must-have like this maxi maternity cardigan and maternity maxi dress!



When it comes to solid, you can literally never go wrong. Solid maternity maxi dresses are perfect for any occasion and instantly can be dressed up with a statement necklace or down with a sandal and lightweight maternity cardigan. From feminine flirty to having an edgy flair, you can now dress to your mood with only a couple pieces.



The best part about these breezy styles is that they work not only for your pregnancy, stretching to accommodate your growing bump, but also snap back to fit after pregnancy. If we can save and have something to last us through every season and every one of life’s transitions, why not?!

We’d love to hear how you rock your maxi this summer! #prettyinpinkblush and show off your unique maxi style!

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Our Favorite Date Night Looks

Life is busy enough as it is, and with a new baby on the way, you know that soon enough, there will be even less free time for you and your significant other to enjoy a night out. So go ahead and call your babysitter, get dressed up, and have some fun. But, while you are deciding where you want to go, switch it up by trying this fun and spontaneous new way. When we first read about the Penny Date, we had so many questions: does it include freeways or highways? What if we are in a residential area? What if we end up in the middle of nowhere? Luckily, when gave it a try, we didn’t run into any problems but if you and your spouse do, you can alter the rules a bit.

  1. Find a coin or any object that has two sides.
  2. Pink a number (it can be as low or high as you want it to be. The higher the number, the further you drive.)
  3. Decide which end (heads or tails) represents ‘left’ or ‘right’
  4. Get in your car

Every time you arrive at an intersection, flip the coin (we suggest flipping it in advance to give the driver some heads up!). Whichever side it lands on, you turn in that direction. So, if you decided to make heads ‘right’, then if the coin lands on heads, you turn right. Do this for every intersection until you have reached the number that you chose before you began. Wherever you end up, this is where you will have a spontaneous date night.

Of course, a change of clothes may be necessary but casual maternity jeans, maternity blouse or a comfortable maternity dress with ankle boots is so versatile that you can do just about anything and be comfortable in this. Our favorite, however, is a maternity maxi skirt and maternity cardigan which is always chic and easily dressed up or down ensemble.


A distressed maternity skinny jean and striped maternity top in a cozy knit to keep you warm for a casual and cool night out. Accessorize with a printed scarf and you’re set!


A maternity nursing dress to keep you comfortable in style. Pair with a strappy ankle boot and belt and it’s that simple. For a dressier look, throw on a statement necklace to instantly add some sparkle.


Mixing prints with a casual striped maternity dress perfect for a warm day-date and a lightweight scarf. Bring along a cardigan if it gets cool.


Maternity maxi skirt and a lightweight maternity cardigan will give you the ultra-feminine, versatile look for anything.

We know, this idea sounds crazy and unpredictable, but if anything, it leads to one great story- and we would love to hear your story!

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A Day At The Beach

Summer is on our minds with thoughts of warm weather and best of all, beach days.


We all know the perfect beach bag includes sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, a towel, hat, and snacks. But now that you’re all packed and ready to go, the difficult decision of what to wear still lingers. What’s important is that you are comfortable throughout the warm day and stylish beach wear is just a plus!


A maternity maxi dress or maternity maxi skirt offers a free flowing option for the perfect on and off wear. Easily removed and doubled as a perfect bathing suit cover-up, a maternity maxi dress or skirt gives you a perfect transition into night as well. There are so many options for such a versatile piece. Our favorite part about a hectic day at the beach is a simple wardrobe to make us feel comfortable as we relax. Karlee can transition from date night dinner to a casual walk on the beach on a warm summer’s night or enjoy a day at the beach with this printed maternity maxi skirt, adding just the right bold statement and easy, breezy style that screams beach babe.


Maternity tank tops keep you cool all day and layer easily under a maternity cardigan as night falls. Whether it’s a loose, fitted, or printed style, you get the best out of every top. Doubling as a beach cover-up, you can wear this piece as a dress or paired with solid maternity shorts. The ultimate beach and summer wardrobe essentials, this dynamic duo will keep you cool with a comfortable, stretchy and elastic material. A beach day is uncomfortable enough with sand somehow getting everywhere no matter how hard we try to keep it off. Make it simple and care free like it’s meant to be with a classic summer look.


Need to cover up and you just don’t feel like wearing your shorts over a wet bathing suit? We totally get it, no one wants that. A long maternity tank top or maternity tunic is ideal for these situations so you can relax without feeling too exposed. Karlee opted for a nautical inspired look perfect for a day by the sea with this anchor print maternity tank top.


So many warm weather essentials, don’t miss out on all of the new arrivals that will give you a comfortable and cool look this summer and the many beach days ahead.

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Your Maternity Must-Haves

Look at your closet. If you saw that item in the store right this second, would you buy it? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time to retire it.  If it is stained, stretched out, piled, or doesn’t fit, it’s definitely time to get rid of it.

At this point, you might be thinking, okay now I really don’t have anything to wear. Don’t worry! We are about to lay out some of the essentials that will fit perfectly into every lifestyle, during and post pregnancy.

Every woman knows in order to complete the perfect wardrobe, you need maternity basics. They are comfortable, flattering, and pair with literally everything. Luckily, basics at PinkBlush can fit and flatter your body during every one of life’s transitions. Whether you are a business woman, new mom, active adventure-seeker, or just love a good Netflix binge, these tops will be your go-to every single time. Fabric from chiffon to cotton and everything in between, you get lightweight summer maternity wear as well as maternity winter must-haves.


Aside from the obvious basics, one casual maternity dress and one maternity date night dress is a must. Normally coming in solid hues, you can go crazy with accessorizing or opt for a playful print to make a bold statement. No doubt you will turn heads walking buy in these dresses.

Next, and possibly our favorite of all time, maternity leggings. Coming in a variety of colors, you can pair these with everything from dress, tops, tunics, to tank tops depending on where you are going. Like the basic tops, active or not, you will want these in your wardrobe arsenal at all times.


A good pair of maternity jeans. Comfortable, stretchy, versatile. With a skinny cut jean, you can pair them with tall boots to sandals to heels for any occasion.  With a flared or boot cut jean, dress it up with a chiffon blouse and heels for a casual night out. Distressed are perfect for an edgy flare and look amazing with a basic and bold colored statement necklace. Basically, if you have one of each, you don’t need anything else.

Finally, a lightweight maternity cardigan, one solid and one printed. It’s easy to pair with any ensemble whether you are looking for a subtle statement or casual layer. Of course, if you live knee deep in snow for half the year like our east coast friends, you will want a heavy jacket or coat as well!

Don’t be afraid of compiling that new wardrobe. We are here to help you find comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, affordable wear that will keep you up to date on all of the latest trends!

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PinkBlush Maternity's Hospital Bag Checklist

You’ve been waiting patiently for nine long months and now, today is the day! It’s finally time to welcome your new baby in the world and with all of the excitement, it’s easy to forget the tiniest details. Be prepared for the hospital day by prepping your go-bag early. Some things we may not even have considered to pack turn out to be life savers when the day comes. Below is a list to ensure that even the smallest items don’t get left at home.


The ride to the hospital may not be the most comfortable ride of your life, and it may feel like it takes hours, but by wearing some lounge wear such as yoga pants, leggings, and loose fitted tops, you can make it a little more bearable. The pains of labor are just one more beautiful sign that your baby can’t wait to meet you.

After your baby is born into the world, comfortable nursing wear will make feeding time a bit easier for both of you. You never know when your baby will be hungry, so by having a variety of nursing wear for every occasion, you can be ready for anything.




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